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Kong The Realistic Vibrating Dong
Product #DJ0273-02

Kong The Realistic Vibrating Dong

Kong The Realistic Vibrating Dong Details:
The only realistic monster cock in captivity for you to set free... and unleash the animal in you. A kingsize 9.3 inches long and a meaty 2 inches of width, cast directly from the massive member of an actual hulking stud. Kong includes every vein, bulge and fleshy detail of the massive original. Features multi-speed vibrating.

Measurements:8.90" long2.30" wide
Features:Multi-speed,suction Cup,with Controller

My God what a monster. It turns me on and on and on. it feels so damn good. I am a slave to it. Very good Highly recommend for any woman that wants the closest thing to a well endowed man.
- rj

This fits very nicely in my tush. I was able to fit the whole thing in on the first try. I love feeling filled-up. I am a young widow and don't want to meet any men yet, so with this and other toys, I can gang-bang myself all night long. I start with the smaller ones and then work up in size. Sometimes I just can't wait to use the really big ones. I have a big vagina and I need something REALLY big to fill me up. I would like to try an ejaculating one if I could find one big enough.
- Kelly

My Girlfriend has had many huge cocks during her years. But She says that besides me, this is her favorite sextoy. I get just as turned as She does when I insert (or as She puts it) receives this entire weapon. You can't believe the animal noises she makes while receiving this monster.
- kfh

Oh, my!! Oh, my!! Whatta satisfying, erotic feeling! This is one helluva dildo!! It met my expectations and beyond.. Taking me into some kind of orgasmic fantasy! I've enjoyed playing with my new toy using plenty of lube so I can wholly take him. It was definitely worth the price I paid. Although nothing truly beats a real cock, this fantastic piece of toy meat gives me what I need until I can be with my man...
- Elizabeth

Wow! What can I say other than I had shivers all over the moment this monster cock slid into my ass. This huge life like cock is all you will ever need if you want to be fully stretched and cant find a real one big enough. My search for the perfect dildo is over!!
- Janine

I love my new toy! I rode this giant for 3 hours yesterday right after it arrived. Absolute top quality from the incredible detail to its thundering vibrations, to its squooshy feel - if you guys can handle the size (I can place two hands from the balls up and still have the entire head above em) get the Vib Kong! It WILL make you cum - a lot! It's worth every penny!
- Dan

My husband bought this dildo for me a while ago and it was worth every penny. Full feeling and good adjustable vibration make this dildo a winner. Ladies if you want to try a big cock, not obscenely large, than the Kong is a great place to start. We had no problems with the web site, and will be buying a larger dildo soon, once you get addicted you can't stop!
- Jeri

This is a good looking dildo. Girth should be expanded for experienced users! I would like to find larger of this quality!!??
- Anonymous

kong worked the best of any vibrating dildo i ever had. first i lube up with ky and use my rectal syringe to douche myself out real clean.after sucking on kong to get him nice and wet i use more ky jelly and attach kongs suction cup to a glass cutting board that i lay on my bed. i attach vibrating nipple clips and begin to mount kong slowly.kong penetrates me deeply while i suck on"ty fox" who is TOO BIG ,i cum like crazy . i weakly hobble into the shower and then put clinique happy skin lotion on my battered hole . it makes me smell so good like the hot horny bitch i want to be. THE BEST I EVER HAD.......SO FAR.
- owned by kong

I purchased Kong about 5 months ago to surprise my wife. When she first saw it, the fake hair turned her off. The massive girth concerned her as well. I cut the hair off and hoped for the best later that night. After some hot foreplay I broke Kong out. I started by rubbing Kong slowly on the outside of her sweet spot while the vibrations ran through her body. As I slid the head in she moaned with delight and I could tell she was ready for more. Slowly I worked that massive dick in her as she moaned and withered with pleasure. She could not take it all the first night but she had a powerful orgasm signaling we had a new friend. My wife takes him all the way now with ease and the enjoyment that we both get from watching that BIG DICK go in and out of her is more than I anticipated. If you and your partner are looking for a big vibrating dick to enhance your sex life look no further. Choose the king, Kong!
- GF

the head is quite large and will rub you pussy just right it will fill your pussy this it a great toy for the very horny woman [have fun] Linda
- linda

Five Stars! When I first saw this I thought No Way, but couldn't resist. After a few tries I was able to impale myself down the length of the entire monster! It was so painfully good I almost passed out. The hair was a turn off so I removed that before first use. Single gals, married ones, anyone who loves that thick, full, deliciously painfull FULL feeling will love this! I use it almost nightly now and am looking for the next larger size. I have never cum so hard in my life!
- BigCockQueen

This is a large cock! But not big enough for me! I took it in two holes very easy. I did gag for a second when it was pushed down my throat though. But after some practice I took it with ease. My husbands cock is 12 inches long but not as thick as the kong. You know bigger is much better! Thicker that is! I like a thick cock. I just can't wait till he turns the vibes on when I'm deepthroating it! If he doesn't I guess I'll have to do it when he is at work. I'll give him a week or two. I'll let you know how I made out either way
- Anonymous

I bought KONG a year ago for my wife. when she saw him she said no way that is going into me. Later that night after some foreplay I got KONG out with lube. slowly started to work it in,little more than halfway. she was moaning and in heaven. Then I turned on the vibrator she started to orgam over an over. IT got her so hot she wanted anal sex. she rode me fpr 20 minutes. What a night, she was sore the next day, but now after 3 or 4 times riding kong its no problem for her now. A GREAT TOY MUST HAVE ONE. TIME TO SURPISE HER WITH A BIGGER ONE.
- Anonymous

I purchased Kong for my wife and was she suprised when she seen it. She had much hesitation and said finally it wouldn't fit. Later that night I could tell she was curious about trying it so after some foreplay she was wet and ready with alot of lube I slowly inserted the head in after about 10 minutes Kong was halfway in. Her pussy was so tight it had a death grip on kong. She was screaming and moaning in pleasure, slowly moving kong back and forth I turned the vibrator on and Wow! what a orgasm she had, she about passed out! Kong was a great buy worth every penny. My wife's pussy will never be the same sex all the time now. Thanks Kong a must buy for all sex partners YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!
- Anonymous

Coming home, dropped everything and started with lubing up this bigboy. sucked it, got only the head or so in my mouth, and got down on this baby trembling. After slowly pushing for a minute or so, my eyes went upward as my ass was slowly split by this mighty rod. nailed it just over the rim of the head and started dropping myself inch by inch, back up to the head and back down. Came massively while working myself deeper on this piece of lust...relaxed and finally touched bottom. Sat on this tree for a few minutes, then came up to the head, lubed some more and dropped myself over and over again to the balls, pain and excitement combined into a second superorgasm within 10 minutes. Kept sitting on it getting my tight asahole reasonably used to mr prostate, and finally made a ballslapping third time to the climax; need i say more?
- anal rider

WOW - This is one fantastic vibrating giant cock. I was not sure if my wife could take one this size but the warm up to allow this monster to penetrate her was fantastic. Not only will this monster penetrate her but once you turn on the vibrator she becomes putty in your hands. Not once but two orgasms per sex session now........PHEW. Your woman will be ready, wet and able for sex once she has tried this super cock. Highly recommend this one to everyone
- Happy Hubbie

My husband ordered this monster about a week ago and I just recieved it lastnight and I couldn't wait to take it out of the box.I went into living room and masterbated for about 10 minutes to get ready for Kong.I stuck him in the middle of coffee table and jumped up on it and once I got the head in wow I slid right down to the balls and it made me cum so fast like nothing has before,felt so real.Awesome dildo but wish it was twice as big ,My pussy is on the large side.
- Kendra

I bought this dildo completely without my husbandís knowledge as Iíve always wanted to know what itís like to be had by a massive cock. The experience was out of this world. I kept the dildo well hidden as my secret. One day I decided to treat myself to a really long session with the dildo and decided to phone in sick to work. Once I had convinced my husband I would be ok and he was out the door off came my nightee and out came the dildo from its secret hiding place. Having the whole day ahead of me I didnít want to rush the experience as I normally have to do when I have a quickie with the dildo in the few precious moments I can find when my husband is out of earshot. I started by using it on my sweet spot slowly working it all over the area with the pleasure mounting until it built up to a crescendo and the most incredible orgasm. Now it was time for my pussy to experience some ecstasy. Via its suction cup I attached the dildo to a Perspex panel that I lay on the bed and prepared to mount it. I didnít need to lubricate it as I was as wet as Iíve ever been with the anticipation of the experience I was about to have. I lost time of how long I rode it and the number of orgasms I had, all I can tell you that I was still impaled on it when my husband phoned at lunch time to hear how I was. Little did he know I had had the best sexual experience of my entire life. I canít wait until the next time Iím feeling a little under the weather.
- Maura

I can't get over how big it was.It took awhile to get it in all the way.It was worth every penny.
- Anonymous

Well my 110 pound wife is in love with Kong. I got it for her after we started getting into size.She gets off in about 3 seconds with this hunk of man meat .She is also taking it anal head only all she needs. I really think any lady who has had a child could take this thing with ease........thanks for the fun
- chris and jenny

All i can say is wow - Kong has taken my wife to a whole new level of orgasmic bliss. It took a week or two to work it all the way in (it's 8.5+ inches around at the thickest part and about 7.5 inches insertable) but once the vibration is turned too high my wife starts orgasming over and over, each one building on the other (she has 10 or 20) until finally, she cresendos with an incredible final orgasm. She says the orgasms are like nothing she's ever experienced before - whole body shaking, out of this world, and mind blowing!!!
- Anonymous

OMG, I couldn't wait for my Kong to arrive. When it did, I had the most pleasurable experience I have ever had in a while. My husband didn't know I bought Kong. So I showed it to him, now we have great sex with his own penis and then Kong. The vibration is great when he is fucking me with Kong and sucking my nipples, let alone the erotic kissing. Now he's asking me to go out and buy more sex toys.... Oh no, what did I start? I love sex!
- KM

Wow! My wife was a little reluctant when I first showed it too her. After warming her up for a good half hour, she agreed to try it "slowly". She said it was a little painful at first, but after working it in for about ten minutes, she was taking almost all of it with ease and came twice. She said it filled her completely. I removed the goofy looking pubic hair that was attached with it. Otherwise this toy makes a great time better. I also would make mention that this toy is very large and to take your time with it. We warmed it up with a heating pad to make it seem more realistic and it worked.
- Anonymous

I got this awhile back and it took some getting used to. One must seriously relax to take in the view! But when you do, I would give it a BIG thumbs up!
- Hefe

Got kong about 1 year and half ago for the wife. Still work like new no problems. Got a new bed oak headboard so we struck kong on there, the wife didn't think it would work. but the suckin cup work great. she push back on him till he was in all the way. then turn on the virbater. she was moving back and forward on kong I got in front of her she begain to suck me, the virbating from kong going though her body to my cock I cum in minutes first time for that in her mouth she never missed a stoke. after ten minute she was dripping for kong. Then told me to take ass. WHAT A NIGHT. KONG IS A GREAT TOY AN ONLY GETTING BETTER.
- Anonymous

Perfect!! My gf was able to take this monster in with little effort. I am as long, but nearly as thick (too bad for her). After about two minutes she began gyrating and humping this thing while it was in my hand and my tounge reemed her ass. The only problem was the suction cup base tore easily, even though we didn't use it.
- sirlickalot

This monster dildo worked better than i expected it was hard to shove it into my ass at first but now it works like a charm it feels so good when it goes inside of me best dildo on the market i wish they made more of these larger though i recommend it to any willing to try the best
- jose

My wife was very surprised when she saw Kong. At first she didn't think it would fit being so large. Now after a few weeks she has multiple orgasm's with or without the vibrator. Our sex is fantastic now, and now my wife is fully sexually satisfied. Was it worth the price, you bet your life it was. P.S. She keeps it closely located under her pillow.
- Louis

This cock was intimidating once removed from the box, however, once I started playing with my clitoris and teasing my sweet juicy vagina, I was ready for the ride. The dong went into my hot throbbing walls and I rode myself into ectasy. I have been using it daily since it arrived. I get so turned on when using it that I put my other 8 inch dildo up my ass at the same time and ride them both until I nearly pass out from pleasure. I'm getting turned on just thinking about that thick meaty cock in my pussy....got to get it. Once you start to enjoy and appreciate the thickness you want more inside of you...it's awesome.
- Anonymous

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