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The Blonde Starlet Ultra Pure Skin Pussy
Product #SE8117-01

The Blonde Starlet Ultra Pure Skin Pussy

The Blonde Starlet Ultra Pure Skin Pussy Details:
<ul><li>Made in the USA of the finest materials</li><li>Ultra life-like, ultra soft, hand sculpted vibrating masturbator</li><li>Sleeve with teasing ticklers and pleasure nubs</li><li>Removable multi-speed vibrating bullet</li><li>TPR (masturbator) PP (controller) ABS with Silver Plating (bullet)</li><li>Maintenance free</li><li>2 AA batteries</li><li>6”/ 15.25 cm (sleeve)</li><li>2.25”x 1”/ 5.75 cm x 2.5 cm (bullet)</li><li>5”x 7.25”/ 12.75 cm x 18.5 cm</li></ul>

Measurements:5.00" long7.25" wide
Features:Multi-speed,single Entry,with Controller

I thought it would be another one of those silly toys. I've been using it daily since the first time i tried it. This may seem freaky, but I kinda love it more than the real thing
- georgio

This product sucks. After 1 use it was thrown in the trash. If you buy it thats where it will be after you use it.
- john

This is the right kind of product u have to use at least once in a life time. it is great man.
- rohitash

It was great. I used it the right as soon as I got it, and had a great time for an hour. This is the first time I bought anything like this and I have to say this is MORE than worth it's price. I recommend anyone to at least try this before you judge it. I love it.
- Andrew

This product was not what I expected. It feels great, I'll give it that. You have to load it up with KY Jelly just to get the right sensation, but it has a TON of drawbacks. First of all, it is a bitch to clean. You can't get inside to clean it or dry it out. Secondly, it leaves you feeling unfulfilled. It made me want more. And last, it is not the best quality in the world. I used it the first night I had it and the area between the vaginal opening and the clit split open. It is ripping apart. I doubt that this will last more than 2 months with me. So beware, but what else can you get for $25?
- Anonymous

Very good item. I really enjoyed it more than my girl friend.
- Amit Mishra

Actually, anyone out there with girlfriends or wives... try putting this thing IN your girl first, then fucking it. You'll BOTH be amazed. It tightens her, and when you enter, it gives you more girth and reach. While the internal nubs are good while YOU hold it, wait until you see what her pussy walls can do with them. Dude... no joke, best night of sex we've had in years.
- Anonymous

I'm warning all of the big cock guys out here, DO NOT BUY this!!! It is toture for hung guys. Anyhow now don't waist your money your hand will give more pleasure than this will....
- bunny69

This was my first time buying something like this so i was hopeing for the best, when it finaly got here wich took forever, the first time i used it it worked ok it was kinda hard to use and it doesnt really feel all that real, but other than that it feels pretty good, i would say for $25 you could certinly get a little bit more out of sex toys than just this.
- josh

pocket vagina? pocket vulva would be more accurate. what you see in the photo is pretty much what you get.. don't expect to feel like you're actually penetrating anyhing. I agree with other reviews posted by bigger guys on this product, look for something else. It is well detailed for the price, if that's all that matters to you. if you are not that well endowed, it might be the ticket for you, but not for anyone with any length or girth.
- Anonymous

women are in trouble this thing is awsome . the best 30 bucks i will ever spend. my god it feels so real . but i dont know what the deal is with the egg its not going up my ass.. i have a 6inch dick but very fat 6 inches round it fits my cock wounderfully . i love this thing
- rob

Crap crap crap. I bought this item thinking it would be a good first vaginal simulating toy. Really it's just a rubber piece of crap. It feels fake, and there's no sensation inside. It might be better if I was bigger around, but for someone who's got a skinny penis, this toy is not a must have. I'm glad I spent money on this rather than wasting my money on something more expensive.
- Anonymous

jesus christ its great its brill if your not having sex at the moment and your missing it try this, it almost feels real
- Luke


I don't think that this is worth buying at all. Is just an awkward piece of rubber, in my opinion, not even worth the $25 bucks I paid for it. I used it once and I don't think I would want to try it again.
- Anonymous

Used it once and it began to split open. Cleaning it after use is tough, you have to soak it, rinse it, and soak out the cleanser. Im not that well endowed, but if my penis can split this after only one use, its not made well. The vibration was noisy and took away from the experience. I should have invested that money in some KY and took matters into my own hand.
- Wide Dong

it was fuckin good it felt like the real thing but its to small i have a 9 inch dong and it was way to small
- steve

It was ok for a week or 2, then it started to rip so I cut the pussy part and sleeve part apart from each other and I use them speratly.
- Anonymous

What you see is what you get. I was freaked out the first time although I am used to it now!! Does it work? Yes it does, but at a cost, you got to spend a lot on KY jelly, AND it's a total pain in the ass to clean it. Humping appears impossible. I still masturbate with this because looking at it gives some special jolt. I still can't figureout how to get "on top in a bed" position. The rubber feels softer than latex gloves but again, its too soft and it gets torn easily if you manhandle it rough. ( feels good to think that I can tear a pussy not that it would happen in real life.!!) Finally this is not small at all. still I wouldn't recommend it for someone with penis diameter of > 2in and/or length of >10in.( you guys may still use it but it would feel too tight and can tear up prematurely) And finally you got to do all the scut work with the vibrator. I think this is good value for money especially for 30 bucks TIP: Keep it in warm water for few minutes before using. This makes your experience a blast!

First of all there are no instructions inlcuded in the pacakge and the vibrator keeps falling out, it's probably because of no instructions!, so I have not used it yet, I don't want to hurt myself or break my $25.00 investment.
- JJ

It Honestly Felt Like Fucking A Real Pussy
- brandon

Excellent. This product is defintely more than the value. Excellent real flesh like material. I used it together with condom, on bed with tubular part inside a folded pillow and then facing wall, holding it by hand and then i put it on side of a table and did it. It's perfect. pleasure for hours...you just can't stop.
- Anonymous

It worked o.k. if you have a short dick, but mine is 8 inches long and thick, so it did not handle my cock and allow it to be inserted all the way in. I managed to cum, but it was alot more work than it was worth for me. It was really not worth the price I paid for it, if it would accommodate my cock I am sure it would be a good toy.
- Anonymous

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