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The Naturals 12 inches Dong With Balls Beige
Product #DJ5015-01

The Naturals 12 inches Dong With Balls Beige

The Naturals 12 inches Dong With Balls Beige Details:
The Thin Natural looks and feels so much like a real penis, you might actually do a double take! The body-safe PVC with antibacterial Sil-A-Gel formula makes for a super-flexible cock that moves with you. The raised veins and incredibly detailed head adds to the realism/ This cock is pretty manageable in terms of size, with a 12" length, and a circumference of 6.5", making it great for someone who likes a realistic size as well as look.

Measurements:11.60" long2.20" wide
Features:Made In Usa

When I first showed it to my wife, she said no way, to throw it away. but I knew she would love it if she gave it a chance. So I waited till we were both good and drunk, I got her hot and wet and I fucked her hard with my dick, I pulled out for a sec, she complained because she wanted more. I had the dong lubed up already, grab it next to me, acted liked I was going to re-enter her and slid in the dong, I popped in the head and she gasped and moaned deeply and spread her legs wider and with no bitching, so I knew I could proceed. I slid it in further slowly, I could see on her face how much she enjoyed it. I asked her if her new dick felt good, she could hardly talk, I've never heard her whimper like that, then her eyes rolled in the back of her head. We had a hell of a time that night. Now every so often I'll break it out, it's definitely not for every day. She enjoys it very, very much.
- mick

It was a great item, and worked fine, except, it got a number of cracks in it, and after a few uses broke in half. Keep in mind it was under normal use, nothing major. and broke in half :(
- Anonymous

I saw one of those collosal cocks, and I think that is good just for play but not for use with your lover, cause is really bigger. I had useD this with my girlfriend just for say "Look what i got for you", and we play with it, but, sincerely, i think that this cock can kill a woman, hehehe, ok, that's what i think.
- Billy

This dildo is wonderful for that filled up feeling, plus there's enough left over to hold on to....have had mine about a year and no problems with cracks as mentioned in another review.
- Lydia

A couple of comments on the other reviews here: The person who's toy broke after two uses must have gotten a defective product or used a lube that was incompatible with the material. I have used this toy about once a week for about 3 years and it's still going strong. If you are worried, put a condom on it. Also, as far as full insertion...I can't speak to vaginally because I don't have one but I love taking this all the way to the balls. It's about a foot long and the thick top end feels amazing...all the way into my descending colon. For something thicker, I use the John Holmes realistic which is my favorite.
- Anonymous

Well worth it thanks, I have never cummed so much before.
- Peggy

I just bought one of these and I wish I'd bought one sooner. The feel is great, the thickness just right and the length just enough to straighten you out. I've used it for really hot anal sessions with my partner. It's fantastic I just can't wait to be fucked to a screaming orgasam again :)
- Anon

This is an awsome toy!! My wife says it feels better then the real thing!! I catch her using it all the time! She is hooked. She told me the other nite that she found her a new man, well the best part of a man anyway....I love the way she uses this on her self. She says it really fills her up!......she cant get enough!
- Terry

This is my first large toy and was nervous at first, but after the first use I couldn't get enough. Thankfully I practiced with a 2" butt plug for a few weeks before I tried it. I can take it in my ass all the way to the balls and love to back down on it and ride it till I explode. I fucked my ass with it for an hour for my second session and shot two big loads. This toy feels so real, and is sturdy with out being too hard. It is my new favorite!
- Anonymous

I loved it. I rip my pussy apart. The pleasure keeps my pussy jumping, and my bed wet. I put all of it up in my walls. And bang the shit out it. Just put it in and work it.
- luv to cum pussy

I use the natural a lot. It is awesome. It really stretches the insides, and talk about orgasm. Dang near passed out it felt so good. After three times trying in the ass, I could take it all the way to the balls.
- freak

So I got these 3 at the same time, the Bamm Bam, Dick Rambone, And the Natural. For some reason this feels really good when I suck on it. Its soft and would imagine this is how a real man would feel.(I'm a virgin. It feels even better in the ass and I feel I can ride this for hours without a condom for "road rash".As a matter of fact I'll go get to fuck right now...
- Boy-Toy

This was a birthdsy gift for my wife. She absolutely loves it, especially when she works the area just below the head where it's 7" around. This is her second "BIG" toy, and is her biggest so far. She loves the way it stretches her out and goes deep. We use it more than any other toy she has, and it drives her over the edge when I double penetrate her at the same time. She cums like 2 or 3 times with just the dildo, and 5 or 6 more when I slide in with it. This product is well worth the money & excitement.
- Anonymous

OK, so I told the wife I bought this for her but it was really more for me. One night I used it on her and when we were done stretching her pussy and after about 6 orgasms I invited her to use it on me. She was a little surprised, but obliged and WOW did it feel great! And the sex afterward was just amazing! My wife really seems to enjoy shoving this monster up my ass - one night she even pulled it, lubed it up, and told me to lay down so she could fuck me up the ass. I also love using it to open up her pussy for fisting - plus seeing it slide inside her while I lick on her clit just makes me (and her) unbelievably horny. I want to come home and find her using it one day - that would be so hot. Highly recommended ... but if you use it for anal and vaginal play then use a condom -- plus it makes it slide easier.

All I can say is that, this dildo, big and stiff that it is, is very satisfying. It took a while to fit the head in, but after a few moments of keeping the head in, I just slide down on it. At first, it doesn't "give", but after a while, the feeling of being full inside is wonderful. Very erotic feeling of being stuffed, after a few tries, this dildo does goes in nice and easy.
- DamienCross

this is what you want in a toy ,just the right size it will fill your hot pussy and leave you enough to hang onto.you will want to use it all night long Linda
- Anonymous

For the price this was worth the investment.
- Anonymous

I bought this as a gag many years ago. My hubby got loaded one night about 1 year ago, and pried my pussy open with this monster. I could barely get the head in and just came and came as he twisted away. I can get about 2/3s of it in and fuck it hard. He loves seeing me stretched so wide open. I've hinted that I'd like to try it anally, but he doesn't seem interested as he likes to shove this monster in and fuck my ass. I've read so much about how lovely this feels anally and hope that perhaps once I show him these "reviews" he'll split me wide open...everywhere! This was so worth the $ and has outlasted several smaller, but more expensive dildos.
- OpenWide

This is a great toy. My wife was surpised when see seem how long it was. But she has Kong who is a little bigger around. So she wanted to try the Natural. After some foreplay she was very wet with some lube in went the Natural with my suprise after a minute she was riding it all the way. After 20 minutes and three or four orgasms and a happy pussy she asked for some anal. What a night, great price for a great toy.This is a great toy to work up to Kong. Kong will open a pussy like no other.
- happy man

Whoa, what a BIG boy! Size increasing after the head, well tapered. Colors seems to be hand made, not very well... that's a detail anycase.
- TapeWorm

A medium sized dildo only. A great toy for warming up to something bigger like the rambone. It goes in easy and has a soft but not squirmy feel. The balls are a good shape to hang onto to really fuck yourself dilerious.
- Anon

I had a woman try to use this dong in a Leather Strapon. I had to be broken in with a smaller 2" x 8" Vac-U-Loc Strapon dong first. It felt great but she was so vigorous it tore the Strapon. I felt like I wanted something a little longer. So she used The Natural and it's 13" felt like HEAVEN! I thought she was tearing my asshole because it was a little wider; but she was slow and used lots of lube. Then she finally got it all the way in to the balls. I felt like it was stimulating a region deep inside my colon that sent shivers down my spine and legs. She then fucked me hard and as deeply as she could bringing me to multiple "hands-free" anal orgasms! She humped me for over 30 minutes and I still could have taken another hour!!
- Ben

Very nice dildo, i like it alot i also have a rambone but i like this little better cuz i can fit it in with less pain, if it was as long as the rambone it would be prefect! or if rambone was as wide as this one! i would tell anyone that likes anal sex to get this one i love it and my girl friend love useing it on me.
- Jon Knight

This is a GREAT Toy. LOVE IT ! Thicker at the head so once you get it in it stays put. Great for piston fucks, slides in and out real nice. Long enough for that deep itch, taking it to the balls. Highly Recommended
- KinkStud

This is a great toy you can fuck this for hours, it is big but not too big. my husband loves to use this on me.
- Karen

This is a great toy I think every women would love this, the size is right and is long enough for any woman.I can use this every day.and my husband loves to use this on me.
- Karen

WOW!!! I read all the reviews and didn't expect what I got this is a nice big dic. I'm so looking forward to using it on myself and with a friend.I'm sure my hole will not be the smae but I'm sure looking forward to it Looks good feels good, I guess a lot of lube is required, and maybe a little drunk too but I'm excited to use it
- btmboyDC

The guy I've been seeing on and off this year has fucked me with this a few times. He can get it in clear up to the balls, but he mostly held it between his thighs and fucked me hard! Twice, he even got himself inside me along with it! I also rode it from on top, and it seemed as if I could have taken more! I sure wish my husband would use something like this on me! Maybe I'd quit fucking around on him and remain faithful.. NAH!!!!!!!!!!!
- Darla

This is one of the best dongs i've ever used. not too big and not too small. Well worth the price, i just wish it a little longer. Buy one and have some great fun. Enjoy.
- hottotroot

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