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Jeff Stryker 10 Inch UltraSKYN Dildo - Beige
Product #DJ0272-02

Jeff Stryker 10 Inch UltraSKYN Dildo - Beige

Jeff Stryker 10 Inch UltraSKYN Dildo - Beige Details:
Live out your porn star fantasy! Molded directly from Jeff's hard 10" cock and plush balls, this ultra realistic cock has a perfectly curved shaft, and is made from UR3, the most lifelike material in the world. The balls even jiggle and move when touched. It is made from non-phthalate body-safe material, which includes Doc's antibacterial Sil-A-Gel formula. Comes with included silk pouch for storage. White. Proudly made in America.
Jeff Stryker 10 Inch UltraSKYN Vac U Lock Dildo - Beige

Measurements:10.10" long2.20" wide
Features:Phthalate Free,suction Cup,harness Compatible,made In Usa,latex Free,lock System Compati

This thing feels so real it is amazing, the only strange thing about it is that it feels sticky when dry, but add a little lube and feels like the real thing.worth every penny. My wife and I shared it. Wow is all I can say.[Ed Note: If you add a bit of talc after washing, it will keep the Ultra Skin soft and supple and not sticky.]
- Kevin Wells

This has given my wife unbelieveable multiple orgasms. She loves me "pounding" her with it. She says it feels just like a huge fat cock getting her off. I would encourage any couple to buy.
- Anonymous

I think this is the best dong you can buy. Since I bought it, I have been having the very best sex of my life. It's very big, but not too big. And it feels so real...perhaps even better than the real thing.
- Gunnar

This just has to be the best cock money can buy. Unlike many of my boyfriends who just fall asleep after one service, this stays there for me as long as I want. Just large enough to fill my pussy with pleasure. Quite able to take a real pounding, even up my ass when that is what I'm looking for. p.s. I have found my current boyfriend riding his ass as well, he comes like a hose with this up his ass.
- bon bon

I love it when my wife is sucking me as she massages my prostate with this large cock. Even though I'm not gay, just the feeling I get by being anally probed cause me to have Peter North type ejaculations. I use liberal amounts of lube and have no problems taking the whole thing quite viqorously.
- Tony

My husband loves to use this on me.....I have to use a lot of lube to take it all into my pussy. When I finally get it all of the way in, I have multiple orgasms that are really intense.
- tawnykitean

I am good looking 30 yo white bi-sexual male. Jeff Stryker has been my travelling buddy for years. I go on lots of business trips and Jeff always cums with me. I cant wait to get to my hotel room, and sit on this beautiful Cock. It feels so damn good all the way up my ass.
- Steve

this one is the best, i'm a gay male, and love sitting on this one for hours
- ron spilak

This has long been one of my favorite dongs. I love its size, shape and weight -- a nice, tapered head that slides down the throat, plenty of girth and weight to give you that really "full" feeling, great balls . . . Really an amazing dong. It leaves me breathless thinking about how yummy the real thing (the real Jeff, that is) must be!
- Anonymous

My boyfriend w/his 6" cock shipped out for 6 months.At 18yrs old I was soon feeling very horny. My neighbor,and close friend noticed this and said that she had something that might help.That I would really enjoy her friend "Jeff". My first impression of "Jeff" was "no way"!, but after a glass or two of wine I was relaxing yet getting wetter by the moment.I like the way the head is tapered which made it easy to start getting it in. However, not only am I VERY tight,but I cum easily. I had several small cums as I lowered my self onto "him" As I got wetter I was able to go all way down & the feeling I had when filled like never before was fantastic. I had the most intense orgasm I've ever had.Unlike my boyfriend "jeff" can go on and on giving me pleasure.This is a must "toy" even if you are tight.
- Dee

I was very skeptical about taking all of "Jeff" when I first bought him. However, after some time and practice, I finally was able to take him all the way down my throat as well as all the way anally. It was the most wonderful feeling to swallow him all the way to the balls. I credit "Jeff" with teaching me how to deep throat any cock. So far I haven't met a cock I could not take all the way orally. Thank you so much "Jeff" for all the oral and anal lessons. You are the best teacher I have ever met.
- Gregory

My wife is slim and petite, I bought this for her as a present. WOW. She was scared of its size at first, esp its width. First time she used it she had difficulty taking it in even being already wet and aroused, amid plenty of lubication,"oh my god"'s and moaning she finally worked it in, she couldnt get it up the whole way as she was stretched to nearly splitting, but when she got used to the size and began a rhythm to fuck herself with it the results were amazing. We have a great sex-life together but I never saw her like this before...her eyes were literally bulging, she was gasping for breath and I heard her mouthing obscenities for the first time ever. When she stated to come, she came one after the other, she was shuddering and screaming and by the finish she was in a lather of sweat and actually drooling as she had been unable to swallow. Mind-blowing for me too ! She said afterwards that as one orgasm died another started like a chain-reation and that she thought her heart would stop, she lost count but thought she had eight or nine before it was over. When she pulled it out finally she thought it had come, because all of her accumulated juices were finally able to run out of her like a real flood of semen. She only uses it on special occasions as she doesnt want to spoil the experience through overuse. Absolutely fantastic, had her in fuck-heaven me and in a trance British couple... ( big fans of Jeff Strykers mighty dick )
- Anonymous

I Love It!!! I call it Danny. So Danny and I try oral every night but I can not take all of him. I will, Yes I will keep trying till I can take it all.
- Anonymous

WOW...what more can I say? I bought this as a surprise for the wife, when she opened the box & felt the sheer size of this she couldnt wait to take it for a test ride...This is simply the biggest dildo we own, although we used a smaller one at first she's only managed to take a few inches at this stage. We're gonna have fun trying to get her to take it all...
- Nortonski

Bought Jeff for my wife about six months ago she was scared to death when I pulled it out shes less then 100 lbs. But once i started sucking her clit and pushing this fat cock aganist her hole she started pushing back.Within 15 minutes my wife had this huge cock balls deep and was squirting all over me.Now i can't keep her and jeff apart after 5 years i ve never seen her like this. She's in love all over again...Thanks jeff great cock!
- mikey

I got this product for my wife to mix things up a bit. She usually isn't the type that likes sex toys. She does however like to be licked and I began using Jeff (her boyfriend) when I go down on her. Like most, she was intimidate by the size. She is tight and was reluctant to take Jeff. So I had to slowly work the tip into her during the first few sessions. But within a matter of weeks, she was able to "snap" around her massive boyfriend. She isn't a length queen but really enjoys the girth of Jeff. She has the most powerful orgasms during oral sex while having Jeff inside of her. This is an excellent product!!
- Me

I call him Danny, and I have done it! I sucked all of him down, to the balls. It was great, Now I am ready for the real thing. Bring it on. But I will keep Danny for pratice. Thanks Jeff!
- Anonymous

This cock is huge! I bought this for my wife after reading some other reviews. One night I suprised her with it after we started 69ing and when she was all juicy I slowly started to work the cock in her tight wet pussy. At first she thought it was too big but after I started too work it deeper and deeper she was taking the whole thing balls deep. She was getting all hot and wanted me to drive it in faster and faster until she started cumming. So I suctioned the base on the wall and let her fuck stryker while she sucked on my cock and she went ballistic and after we were done her pussy was so swollen she can't get enough of this monster cock of pleasure. Well worth it!
- Lee

I opened up the box and thought who the hell are they kidding. I had seen numerous Jeff Strker flicks and this massive dick looked larger then his. I also realized that there was no way I was going to get that up my hole. I had been previously just comfortable with an 8" mulatto I call Estaban. But I must say within 24 hours, I had Jeff suction cupped to the shower door banging my butt fast, slow, whatever way I wanted it. It takes a leap of faith to get that massive girth in to open you up, but once he's in, you really can feel him. Use something like Trojan Magnum Extra Large condoms on him, as others would be too small. I think Estaban is jealous of Jeff...Only down side is Jeff is so, so white.
- Hunter

Super COCK. First I get my butt hole ready for this monster cock, a good enema does it. My favorite position-doggy style. I attach it to a bed room dresser in front of a big full length mirror and go to town!!! I can ride the meaty cock all night. I back my butthole up to the head and watch it spread my butthole open as wide as the Grand Canyon. Once its inside, it feels so good.
- Anonymous

Would have paid double the price. My wife and I are 63 and 62 respectively and I bought this to keep our lovemaking spiced up. After I eat her out good, she likes me to ram this all the way in and fuck the shit out of her. I like to give myself a good enema and have my wife shove this all the way into my asshole and fuck me til the cows come home. Every night is the best sex.
- Gary

- Anonymous

this dildo is great bought after many other dildo's, only complaint is that the base of shaft is too thin, just doestn't stretch you out as much , but a good screw, i enjoyed myself with jeff up my ass in the shower, the thick head and top is unique, great screw
- Anonymous

My wife has been doing me in the ass for years and I have been loving it. She has used her four fingers, four fingers and thumb, and has tried to get her hand into my ass up to her wrist. She loves the feeling of power and I love the feeling of her skin inside me. Yet, She wanted to see me take something bigger to train me and get me to take more and more of her hand. We have tried a lot of different cocks, including the JEff Stryker made from latex, but this one is the most realistic feeling dildo she has ever put inside me. It took a lot to get ready to take it (the diameter is so big) but once she had it in I was in Heaven. She pumped it in and out of me for what seemed like an eternity until I involuntarily shot cum all the way up my chest and onto my face. She loves this dildo and cannot wait to get a bigger one. I just hope it is as life like as Jeff's.
- Anonymous

When my wife first tried this big boy, she could take around 2/3. Now the big balls are slapping her asshole and she is humping and grunting for more. She fucks this thing like a locomotive and when she is through she fucks me with a fury that can only be describes as a wild woman. If they like dick, they will love this one and you cannot beleive what this monster looks like sliding into your lover.
- Lukas

I have been working my way up to this one for a while, well the work was worth it. After slowly working it in my ass for about 10 minutes I was rewarded with the most incredible rush I have ever had not to mention the load I shot when I came with every inch of this awesomely real cock in my ass. Five Stars. next is the John Holmes Ultra Realistic...
- Anonymous

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