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The Great American Challenge 15 Inches Dildo Purple
Product #DJ0270-04

The Great American Challenge 15 Inches Dildo Purple

The Great American Challenge 15 Inches Dildo Purple Details:
Who's up for a Challenge?! Especially one that involves a massive 15 inches cock. Huge and thick all around, The Great American Challenge will be your new best friend. Available in purple and proudly made in America. <strong>Warning: This is Huge</strong> - Do not order unless you understand the size! Made of a soft jelly. 14.8 inches from the base to the tip 10.7 inches from the top of the balls to the tip The dong is more oval shape than round, so the diameter ranges from 2.75 inches to 2.25 inches The circumference (distance around) is 8.75 inches at its widest point and 8 inches just below the head.

Measurements:15.50" long2.50" wide
Features:Made In Usa

I am a big girl (5'11" 240#) and can take it all. It feels sssooo good when I lube it up and slide it in all the way, then slowly pick up the speed. Worth double the cost. I have been screwing big guys since I was 14 (38 now) so the size is just right for me.
- Janet

This dildo was incredible, it was somewhat hard, but huge.... It stretched my pussy out and made me cum so much... I measured how much I got in and I took 10 inches,,,, my husband fisted me until I cam again... loved it
- Anonymous

I own a Bam dildo and it is very large and i could never handle it all. When I first saw this big purple monster i knew i had to feel it fill me up. The size is big and i don't recommend it for first timers. i can take almost all of it and now i can handle all of Bam. this is a beautiful dildo and i LOVE it with all my ass
- sebastian

Well, sam made a strap on for it, He dipped it a tub of lube. Aimmed it at my asshole until it pressed against it. He slowly fucked me until the head slid in and down the shaft about 3 inches, held it, then restarted to fuck me til he hit botten bout 6 to7 inches down the shaft. I was very satisfied. this toy is a very good buy. " THIS IS WHAT MY ASSHOLE IS MADE FOR "
- mr carl

I recently saw this monster and I knew that i had to have it. When I first tried pushing it in I thought wow this is amazing and then I kept sliding down and down and finally I could take no more. My wife has BAM and she loves it in her ass and her pussy, when I pulled this one out she said, "that is not going to fit in me!" I persuaded her to try and she was so excited that she was moaning and began to ask me to fill her up. That night she must have came about 8 times and the next day she was fucking sore. Before Ken Ryker used to be the MAN, the it was BAM, now she asks for her big purple monster to do the job. She loves to fill her ass and pussy with meat and this does the job. I will advise that this is not for beginners or even people who had average size dildos this will hurt and it does take time. A must for size queens and kings. ride on
- sebastian

The American challenge is the American dream. I bought two of them; one for the pink, one for the stink. When I'm alone, I sit it on the floor, and squat down til my cheeks touch the floor. It feels so good. I think it touched my lungs once. ;) I would highly reccommend this product to anyone who can take a big one.
- Delilah Gemstone

Unless you have had some big anal assplay, this one is not for you. It took me about 3 weeks of trying to get the head in. LOTS of lube and patience. Soft and plyable and no rough edges..
- Rob

me and my boyfriend loved this product, we stayed up hours after using this dildo. I wouldnt buy it if u were a begginer because it is very large and gets in very deep. i would recomend it for anal sex
- andrea

Nice and smooth! Wish it was another inch thick. Works very well in an ass and fills it up without it hurting. Still wish there was something like this an inch bigger in diameter and with a suction cup base. Have an extra large stump as well and modified the base to make it suction to the floor and love it although it needs the soft skin like covering to help smooth humping. I'd love to find something about 3.5 inches around by 13 long and smooth to go that extra mile when the mood hits! This product.... Good, Smooth when lubed right, Works very well.
- big hole

When I first bought this I was looking for a bit of a challenge with my boyfriend. At first I was a bit worried that its size will be to big for me - but it turned out to be just right. However, I was pleasantly surprised! It gave me hours and hours of anal pleasure and my arsehole felt as tight as a when I first started. Thanks guys! If there's any new products, please email me. Eton 19 yr old Melbourne Uni Med student
- Eton Lin

If you like em big, then this one is for you. This one is huge! I ordered it online. The desciption said it was huge but, I had no idea until it arrived just how huge. I couldn't wait to get it out of the package. I prepared my ass for the devestation with the John Holmes replica, which is puny compared to the challenge. After I thought I was loose enough. I lubed up the purple monster and attempted to strech my ass over the huge head. AND IT'S HUGE! It took a few minutes but it soon slid inside me. It felt great. I was so amazed that I had to do it in front of the mirror to actually see my asshole devour it. Great dildo, well worth the price. Can't get enough of it. If you need more than this, you might want to think about investing in a fire hydrant.
- Anonymous

If you like to have your ass full of dick but just can't find one big enough, this is it. My man has been fuckin me w/this dildo twice a month for 5 months now, and its the greatest. Buy it,get fucked in the ass (in my case)or your pussy. You will come with no-problem.I'm very glad that DJ made this dildo---It was just made for my ass to get fucked by it !!!!!! YOU WILL NOT BE DISATISFIED --- BUY IT , IT IS ***** A five star Keeper.
- mrarl

holy shit this thing is just what your ass needs! I was working the length of it after a weekend of nothing but this and a fist in my ass. My boyfriend loved to see me with it buried right to the purple nuts. The shape gives more than a few different sensations and we are quite happy with it. Looking for something a little bigger now
- Anonymous

Well, I must say that I am very satisfied with this purple monster. I am a bi male who likes it BIG!! I have the Bam dildo, and I can take all of it with no problem. I bought the Challenge two weeks ago, and I cannot take all of it up the ass yet!! It measures over 11 inches insertable, and that last 1/2 inch is too much. Although it gives a lot of pleasure,I only wish that the head was more than 8.75 iches around. I can take about 11 inches around. But, I like the Challenge because it is not so big that I cannot take it 10.5 inches deep!! I highly recommend this if you are up for the challenge
- rubberbutthole

Bought this dildo for my wife about 2 months from a sex shop in London. I was at first uncertain about the size of it but in the end it was just right for her. We have been using large dildos for a good few years now and my wife can take a good amount of pussy pounding OK. When we actually stsrted to use this monster she only managed about 9" inside of her but she kept at it and in the 2 months since purchase she can take it all with ease. I have developed a harness from leather and can strap this around my torso or strap it onto my upper leg. It's good when we are at home with friends because I can strap it on my torso, my wife sits in my lap with the monster inside of her and she juse wiggles her butt and managed to cum constantly. It's not for everyone of course as it is very large but for us it was an excellent purchase.
- Terry

When I spotted this...I knew I had to have it....I am a little guy and it amazes me how much i can take up the ass....Bravo!
- sliced_fruit

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