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Dick Rambone 16.7 inches Dong Black
Product #DJ0268-01

Dick Rambone 16.7 inches Dong Black

Dick Rambone 16.7 inches Dong Black Details:
Dick Rambone Cock is an enormous dong that will never leave you wanting more. Molded from the eponymous porn star, famous for his well-equipped tool, this monster cock with veined shaft will fill users an amazing fifteen inches deep. Brave the Rambone hands-free with the dependable suction cup base, or partner up for extreme strap-on harness play. It is made from body-safe material, which includes Doc's anti-bacterial Sil-A-Gel formula. Available in Black and White. Proudly made in America

Measurements:16.70" long2.35" wide
Features:Suction Cup,harness Compatible,made In Usa

filled my ass beatifully
- beau deacon

You never will get enuf of this enormously proportioned dong.I sit down on this and after guiding and relaxing my bunghole a moment,I can feel the base bottom out against my asscrack. I raise up and 15 inches exits my asshole .It convulses and spasms while gaped wide open.My ass leaks out the asstroglide that I squirt directly up my ass before insertion. I cum from this alone and not a stroke is given to my dick at all.Assgasms! MMMMMMMMMMM I lovw it almost as much as my weekly group of giant cocksmen that gangfuck me each saturday from 6p.m. to 2 a.m.. Push the limit and shove this up your ass for the sodomized assplowed and deepfucking that your ass needs badly
- Anallydepraved&enslaved1

I have always wanted a huge black cock and my husband purchased this on a whim. When i first saw it as he opened the box i was in shock, but being one of those people that will try just about anything once i was game.Lol. I was filled to bursting with this sucker and was riding for all i was worth while blowing my hubby. I lost track of how many times cam the other night and am happy to say i am a VERY satisfied user(little sore) but damn!! Will happily do this Big Black Beautiful cock as often as humanly possible. A must have for any lady that has ever had a large cock or has just dreamed about it.
- satisified in NM

This was so big, I can not begin to describe how painful it was to enter my ass, I used special desensitizing cream, and lots of lube, It stretched my ass till it started bleeding, I used my cream and lube and still very painful be carefull this is a giant cock and needed to be taken gentely
- Love Cock

This "toy" is long and wide and will take some practice if you're not used to huge dildos. I only know one person who can take the whole thing. Most guys are happy with the first 6 to 8 inches. The main advantages are the height, you can get it in without having to bend your knees a lot or crouch too far, and the relative smoothness. It has enough texture to feel but won't bother many sensitive holes if you use plenty of lube. I have owned 2 of these toys and know about people who have owned another half dozen, and everyone has been very pleased with it. However, we are all experienced with large objects in our butts. The only drawback is that the "suction cup" doesn't actually work, so don't buy it thinking that you can stick it on the wall and have a go at it. You should also have experience with other large items as this is definitely not a beginner's dildo.
- Tony D

What can I say ? This huge dildo is something I have been using for some years now. If you're in to deep filled deelings, go for it. Note that There is no thing as pushing it in the first time. You will need a lot of lubricants to have it inserted. I felt that turning while inserted anally , it starts to find it's way into the deep anal canal. I have so far gotten it approximately 12 to 13" deep so I have a few trainings to do.
- Affil

This was my first large love tool and it was wonderful...have graduated to larger size now...
- Lee

This thing is huge, got it for my wife the other day she was a little unsure about it but once we tried it she loves it she came so many times she lost count havent got it very deep yet but we will keep trying till it goes all the way in!
- C&M

My hubby order this one for me and baby it is big.I did not think it would fit in my puss. But we used it and baby did it make me cum and cum. Just got about 8 1/2 inchs in at first but it was good use lots of lube.My hubby loves to use it on me and then dick me after I cumm. Susie
- Susie

Absolutely loved it. My boyfriend and I bought it just for the hell of it and neither of us thought I would get much of it in. Boy were we wrong. Within ten minutes I was taking the whole thing and wanting more. I'm 19 and have been with a lot of different guys.. none with huge dicks though and I've always been satisfied but after fucking myself with this, now I know the difference. This is like having three of my boyfriends dick end to end to end. It goes so deep. It hits my stomach, in different positions it hits my back, and feels like its gonna come out my mouth. But god it feels so good and I cum so much. With me being able to take this fairly easy, I'm beginning to wonder how big of a dick I can take. And where does it go? I lay it on my pussy and it comes up to my tits... where's it going? I'm only 5-4 110 lbs. I want to try a longer one just to see how much I can take but they don't make any bigger that I've found.
- Tara

I got my husband to buy this huge dildo for me in the black and honey let me tell you it is huge and I dont know if it will all go in my puss.So that night we play around and use it. At fist it was painful and then I just slid in a few more inchs in and the pain went away and felt good and cum all over the sheets. Its the best toy I have and you need to lots of lube on the toy. I can take 10 inchs now and working on more the more I use it the more I can take. We love the huge black dildo. The price is worth it because we love useing it alot it maks me so horney.I think that a big black cock is in my puss and I love it. I might ask my hubby to work on my ass with this and maybe ask him if I can put in his ass as well. SusieB
- Susieb

Well if you want a huge probe for your pussy or ass this is the one to get! Lube the long shaft as well as your anus thoroughly! Now adhere the suction cup base to a smooth flat hard surface! Spread your ass wide and descend onto the tip of the dong and force the long thick shaft in as far as you can. I insert the entire tool in my ass and post up and down vigorously thus causing me to climax without cockplay. I readily use this before taking on real hardcore top studs to loosen my hole for them to more easily enter my ass for double penetration .The best big butt blaster ever made
- analslave

I am a 74 year old white female. I was married for 57 years to the same man. He was not a romeo at all. He passed away last spring. I had always dreamed about having sex with a black man, I think because I always heard they were huge and long, when we had sex. After he passed I got a computer and learned about LIFE! Once I learned how to search, I went and saw some huge black cocks.Then, I had to have one. Being very shy, I started looking at dildos and saw this big thing.I ordered it and starting using it everyday.I never knew what real satisfaction was untill I Had an orgasism with this bigboy inside me.It takes a while to get it in and longer to get the balls against your ass, but I did it! I'm totally in love with rambone! I told my best girlfriend about it anf she had to see it.She said it was way to big to use, but I used it on her and she is in love with it too! Buy it, it's a whole new world of sexual satisfaction. Plus, you don't need a man. I'm still learning whats fun to do!
- Lisa Martin

Bought this as a suprise for my wife, and she REALLY loves it. It pretty well stuffs, stretches, and fills her up. She really likes the way the veins stand out and make it feel more realistic, and the overall firmness and texture are just right. If your looking to challenge your wife or just plain want to wear her out completely, this is the perfect toy to buy. The wife admitted that it is now her favorite toy to use.
- Anonymous

WOW! I got this as a suprise for my wife. She enjoys large dildos. I was skeptical that this would not be big enough to make a difference. We are both so glad I ordered it. The black color helps with the fantasy of her getting it from a large black guy, while I also work on her. She now rushs through foreplay and begs for me to get the BIG cock now! She can get about 10 inches in so far, and moans louder then ever! What a turn on for us! What a turn on!
- Anonymous

I've had mine for a while now. I consider myself a size queen but this thing is unreal. It's so thick I can only get about 10" in before I have pull out. Once my asshole is well lubed, relaxed, and I've had it in me for some time...it definitely gets hot real quick. I like to stick it on the wall and stand to take it in. After about 10 minutes or so I'm coming back on it so hard and fast that my legs start to shake. For the money, there's nothing better.
- trannygaper

I got the Black dick rambone a few weeks ago and I am so satisfied with this huge dong because it make me cum when it goes more than a foot deep in my bunghole. I love taking my dong in the tub and with warm water I enema for a deep clean anal slot . After I empty the H2o out of my ass I take ky and squeeze a big load of it in my anus.Spreading my cheeks I descend down upon it and force the tip in my asshole! A few raises of my ass and I let my ass fall down on top of this huge toy! Soon I feel the base cramming into my stuffed bottom while I am shooting cum in my mouth
- Bottomless_Anus_Anal_Abyss

Wow!!! This is one BIG DIC, I'm amazed at the size and circumfrence This is gonna feel so good in my ass, who needs a man around when you have this black stud dildo..Lots of lube and a few drinks and this is gonna be a great thanksgiving weekend
- btmboydc

I bought this a few weeks ago and am really enjoying myself. I can get about 7" in my ass before it feels like I hit a wall. The girth is so amazing, I found myself cumming without even touching my cock. Hope to get the rest in over the holidays. If anyone has any suggestions on how I could get the rest in, please let me know.
- Anonymous

OH MY when i got this,,its huge, i got hard as soon as i opened it up. I wanted to feel this big black monster in me. i rushed to clean myself out, and to start lubing this bad boy up. The moment it touched against my ass i got week to the knees, i pushed down and felt the head slip in.it was amazing soo thick, i kept pushing down forcing it in until my balls were resting on its balls. i coulnt believe i got the whole thing into me. i spent all afternoon riding this big guy im such an anal slut, i would pull off it then slam back down
- Anonymous

My wife and I had used other dildos but she was interested in trying something larger. We bought this dildo but when it came she felt it would be too big. After lots of foreplay she said we could try it out. I lubed it up and lubed her pussy. I slowly pushed the head against her pussy. At first it would not fit. I slowly continued to push it against her pussy. Slowly the head went in. Once the head was in I pushed it deeper and deeper. I hit bottom after 8 inches and my wife could barely talk. She just moaned to fuck her with it. I pushed it in and out and after 10 minutes she was taking 10 inches and had an incredible orgasm. She was sore the next day so we don't use it all the time. But when she is really horny she alwasy asks for the big black cock. We love it.
- joe

this is one of the best toys that I have I'm working myself up to a fisting and this has been extremely helpful I leave mine hanging on my shower wall so I can get a good fucking every morning my boy loves to use it on me before he fucks my ass it does feel so good strocking my dick while having it buried all the way in me when I cum its sooo intense well worth the buy
- robert

My husband bought this for me as I said I'd always wanted a black cock in me coz I'd heard they were so big....hubby about 8" and always satisfied me. When we got this out,I measured it laid on my back and couldn't believe I'd get something so big inside me!! So with plenty of lube we started. At first it really stretched me and I could only get about 7" in, but I begged him not to stop through my screams of orgasm-wonder what the neighbours thought! I already felt up to my tits, but suddenly I felt my pussy give inside and had this amazing feeling as another 4" slid into me! OMG this was the most cock I'd ever had inside me!! I looked down and couldn't believe how much was in there!!! It felt amazing as my husband pushed it in and out-feeling 10" slide in and out all the way is indescibable!!! Couldn't walk next day!! haven't taken it all yet-12" now, but am using it everyday in the attempt....I WILL TAKE IT ALL!!!! Em x
- Emma - Wales

as a man who likes big cocks this one is the real deal the first time i sat on this monster i shot my load all over my wife and our male freind now she cant keep me off of it
- dizzydave

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