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Dick Rambone 16.7 Inch Huge Dong Beige
Product #DJ0268-00

Dick Rambone 16.7 Inch Huge Dong Beige

Dick Rambone 16.7 Inch Huge Dong Beige Details:
Doc Johnson's Dick Rambone Cock is an enormous dong that will never leave you wanting more. Molded from the eponymous porn star, famous for his well-equipped tool, this monster cock with veined shaft will fill users an amazing fifteen inches deep. Brave the Rambone hands-free with the dependable suction cup base, or partner up for extreme strap-on harness play. It is made from body-safe material, which includes Doc's anti-bacterial Sil-A-Gel formula. Available in Black and White. Proudly made in America<br /><br />Please Note: The measurements listed on the package are incorrect.
Dick Rambone 16.7 Inch Huge Dong Beige

Measurements:16.70" long2.35" wide
Features:Suction Cup,harness Compatible,made In Usa


This old standard is wonderful. I've been using it for at least fifteen years and it still affords me a ton of pleasure. The thrill of accomplishment when you finally eat up those last few inches is great. A real bargain for pigs who want to be stuffed without paying a fortune.
- john

I have purchased two of these over the years and cannot say enough about how great they are to use. It took a very long time to put it all the way in, actually I still have to work really hard to get the last inch in as well, but what a neat way to work it. The width is perfect, again it takes a little time, but well worth your effort. Buy it you'll love it
- Anonymous

Fantastic! I have alot of dongs, some small and others large. This one falls under the larger ones. Has the perfect size and feel for all out humping. My girlfriend loves pumping me with it as she sucks my clit and ass. Little pussies be careful as this one is large enough to hurt you if your not ready.
- Katie

My wife couldn't live without this. She is constantly pleasuring herself with Dick. I love the way she sits on top of it and eases herself down until the whole cock is in her pussy. Within 5 minutes she is banging her brains out and cumming all over the floor. Watching her makes me so horny, I can't help wonder what it would be like if I were hung like this. This is easily the biggest cock we have ever seen.
- michael

I received this as a gag gift at my 22nd birthday party. When I opened it, I was surprised and extremely turned on by it. I kept thinking about it for the next hour. Finally, I went and got some lube from my bedroom, stripped in front of everybody, placed the dong on the coffee table and mounted it. It was larger than I was used to and it took about 30 mins or so before I was getting about 10 inches in my pussy. It was an incredible, liberating feeling having about 20 people watch me fuck myself silly. This dong is definitely worth the price.
- Anonymous

- tony and april

WOW...... saw this dildo on this sight and thought 'I want one of those'. I love having this in my ass. Thought there was no way i'd manage to get it in but after a week of daily use I can take a good 8 inches. I don't even have to wank with this cos i'm so turned on being fucked with it. Don't be put off by the size of Dick. Where there's a will there's a way. Just wish I could get some real man this size. SUPERB
- Will

Oh my god! I was at a party recently when I used the upstairs master bathroom of my female boss when I came across Dick. It was lying on the night stand in their room. I had just come out of the bathroom when I noticed it. Being nosey I went over to investigate when I was surprised by my boss and her husband. We had all been drinking, so when they asked me if I wanted to see how it worked I said yes. My boss quickly stripped and engulfed that big dick in her pussy like it was only 6". I turned around to find her husbands also large dick pointing at me. He told me that I should let him loosen me up and with that he slid it in to my already wet snatch. He was about 9" and very thick and I came in seconds. Then my boss told me to get ready to really get fucked and with that see slid that big dick into me with ease. Within seconds she was pounding my pussy. Her husband then gave me my first taste of anal. Having two huge dicks in me at once made me cum in uncontrolled waves. My boss laughed and told me wait till next time, and with that showed me 2 of the dildos/vibraters she had ordered from your store. They make Dick look small, but I can hardly wait. I've placed a couple of orders myself and am building my own toy collection. Until next time.
- cum again

This is very big. I thought 2 1/2 inches didn't sound very big, but I can barely take it. It is nice, but be careful, this can hurt you.
- Anonymous

It is big and I do try to use it every night when I can. I love it up my ass.It hurts when trying to take it all but I still have a little work to get it all the way in me.Can take all but the last 2" of it.I love it.Think after I get done here its time to go play with it again I have used it for a little over a year now. But still wish I could find one with a 2.75" head on it and the rest of it could be the same as this didlo is.
- Ken

- Anonymous

I'm a gay male and one of my friends said that he could take anything in him.. I Lubed him up and put it in. He passed out from loss of blood after a few minutes and I had to call an ambulance to have him brought to the hospital, 6 stitches later, he won't talk to me.
- Anonymous

My husband and I have been together for 20 years and he purchased this for me about two years ago. I am a fan of big penises; my husband is large (9 x 6.5) and I have had my old standby dildo (15 x 5.5 inch) for almost 15 years. I had asked him to purchase a thicker replacement for my old dildo. This one fits the bill. I love it!! I have probably used it over 200 times in the last 2 years and it is as good as new. Since I am used to long penises I usually take this one all the way to the balls which is 13 inches(the 15 inches is somewhat misleading...it includes the balls). The extra width is fantastic. For me this is the perfect size...it totally fills me up. One caution girls, as I said earlier, I really enjoy large penises. As such, this is probably not an item for most of you.
- Kath

This one is huge, but every inch of it is awesome. I love getting filled up with large items and this certainly fits the description given. I had some terrific orgasms from the Dick, I flooded out the bed from my come and I kept coming from it. But it is not for the faint of heart. Great product.
- Anonymous

You'll need a lota lube! And it's rough so a condom will really help yall :)
- Anonymous

Man - does this test the limits - its thick and long. so far have been able to get 13" in. The last 2" are a challange that I want to complete. the rubber is a little densere than some other didlo's I've used. maybe if it was offered in the "realistic" type of latex, it would be easier.

I bought this big toy before I was ready for it's size, but now I can take it after a good warm up. it is the biggest dildo for the price! I just wish it was a bit softer on my sensitive arse.
- jimy

This is one great cock no matter who you are. Sure to please even the biggest slut. I can almost get 14" of cock in my ass !!!! Wow 3 thumbs up for Dick Rambone.
- jason

First, I am not gay, I have no desire to have a man's cock up my ass, but I have always enjoyed anal play. I thought getting it in would be pretty rough, but I managed to take seven inches with a bit of pain, which I enjoyed, the first time. Within minutes I was blowing my load without even touching my cock and I almost passed out as my entire body shook from the orgasm. Next I started pushing it deeper, the feeling of fullness deep in my ass was wonderful. The first time the head popped into my guts I blacked out from the pain. After a number of tries I can now sink this toy in my ass to the balls. Now I want to find another, much larger (4.5" wide or greater) to bring back that deep painful joy.
- Jammer

I bought this item to add some variety to our sex life. Unfortunately, the item was too large for my girlfriend to use. I would not recommend this item for beginners or women who have normal diameter vaginas. The construction and quality of the item was excellent if she could have only used it. If you can't fist your girlfriend, buy something smaller!!
- Mike

Damn this toy is definately worth buying. I just took all the toy up my ass and passed out. I had an awesome cumfest. The thick dicked toy is still in my hole as I type and I am horny again. Well back to the saddle. Riden cowboy!!!!!
- Scorpio

This was much bigger than I expected, even though I had used a ruler to see how big 2.5" was. I'm used to a 1.5" dildo, so when I tried to use this monster, I couldn't even get the head in my ass! I began to worry that I'd tear something. After a couple of days to heal, I tried it again and found that just pressing harder or holding the pressure didn't make it go in. But when I "humped" it... shoving it sharply and just a bit deeper every time, I suddenly found it going in. (Silicone lube seems to work best.) I can take 6-8 inches of it now, but I feel like I'm sitting on a telephone pole!! And it takes my asshole about two or three days to recover. Don't try this one unless you *really* want to be split in two. Still, it's orgasmic and addictive.
- Jeffrey

- luv to cum pussy

This is not 4 the novice analslave. I for many years have been thrusting some rather large insertable objects up my ass. This one was difficult due to its size, but I managed.I totally emptied a whole tube of KY into my ass. Straddling and prying apart my asscheeks first,I got the tip in and then began to slowly move it in & out up and down .Deeper with each push it went and my body felt this thing literally force past any and all obstructions my organs presented to it. My eyes bulged and I blew long streams of gism and I felt my balls hit the base .I felt my asshole convulse, Opening wider then tighten quickly around this jumbo dong .Lube seeped onto the floor with each hiccup from my spasming anus.I do not even have to stroke my dick to cum, When this gets about 14 inches up my ass I feel orgasmic tingles and you can be sure I'm cumming when 16 inches split me in two!!! TAKE THAT IF YOU DARE!!!!

very, very big. I have alot of toys. My wife keeps saying to get a real big one. so this was it. as soon as she started using this on me. I was ready to cum. it hurt a little at first but great!!!
- Todd

I have alot of dildos. I've always wanted to try a huge one. I bought this two weeks ago and love it. I can only take around 8" of it but 8" is alot with this. remember lots of KY. I have never cum harder in my life. my wife loves to watch as I get into fucking myself. Love it!!
- Todd


I am a 5 foot 4, 130 pound Asian with a six inch penis. I am pretty fit and worked out most of my life, not for sports, but to take in LARGE SLABS OF BURNIG MAN MEAT FULL OF HOT CUM!!! I'm fairly new to being bisexual but I have always admired large penises ever since I was 14. For 6 years I have admired Les Steele, Ron Jeremy, and Mandingo. How I dreamed of taking in their man meat in my little ass. Pre-cum is oozing from my dick as I am writing this just thinking about them. I started with a 6 inch dong when I was 14 and moved to 8 inches when I turned 20. But I want more. So until I am able to get the real Black Beasts in me, dick rambone will do. And, yes, all 15 inches went inside of my little ass. It took a a few hours every night for a month to get it in, but when I felt those balls touch the wall of my ass, I can't help but tremble, scream, and cum with utter PAIN!!! I LOVE BIG DICKS!!! Hopefully I can meat gay or bi-curious men with large dicks because for my 21st birthday next year, I don't want to get drunk, but ASS-POUNDED BY 2 MEN, 1 10 INCHES AND THE OTHER 11 !!!
- Boy Toy

Oh...my! When I opened up the package my ass said "no way". I have been tryin to get this bad boy up the ass for a couple of weeks now, but only managed to get 4 inches in me. I cant wait till I my ass meets the balls. Buy this one, youŽll gonna love it in ass or pussy.
- oteus

I'm glad to read that other men and women are experiencing the same wonderful feelings as I do, when I have my bowels cleaned with water I'm in heaven when my ass is touching the balls of this lovely thing, and I'm rididn and riding without touching my own dick and letting the ooze flow on one hand Michael
- Michael

I bought one of these years ago and was disappointed. It was too hard and had a coarse texture. Pretty much useless so I threw it out. However, over the years I have gotten more used to large objects and decided to give it another try. So, I bought another and I must say, it's my new favorite over the John Holmes Supercock. It seems to be made from a softer material than the one I bought a long time ago and feels fantastic. The shape is perfect. Many large dongs have very pronounced heads that cause me discomfort when I take them deeply. This one goes in easily. I can take about 13" of this and work it for hours. It's perfect! I use it with a very thick mix of J-Lube for best results.
- Anonymous

Wow what a massive dong! I stuck the suction base against the sliding glass door 2 feet off the floor.I squeezed ky jelly over the tip and shaft as the rest of the tube I emptied in my asshole. relaxing my rectal muscles while forcing the first few inches in me. Once the tip is in you are now free to see how far up your ass you can cram this dong in . I got my pace and rhythm as I descended down more with every plunge taking more length each time. I had more than 15 inches injected in my ass when I came without any warning ar attention to my rock hard dick. Eruptions and explosions shot cum from my cock like a firehose and I then saw my ass atop the balls indicating 17 inches of insertion up my ass.When I pulled it out I felt it rub my ribcage upon exiting my bruised but satisfied bunghole
- analexplorerswelcomeupmyass

I bought this about 3 years ago and love the size of it , but I have not been able to get it into my asshole more than 4 or 5 inches. This dildo is HUGE ! Wish the manufacture had made it 2.25 inches in dia. instead of the 2.5 inches. Then I would be able to do a full insert ! But I will keep trying . Wish I could find a Real Man Cock this size to fuck my ass . I do own several other large size cocks that I use all the time, but none as big as this one

Well i have to say this toy is large and wide but for any lady that likes wide and long this toy is the one for you. Its viens are a little high but other than that it rates a 9.9 in the fill her up catagory. My wife cums to as she said pleasureable insanity, lol.she can take up to 9 inches of it in right now and loves the feeling of it expanding as pressure is applied. Ladies it do expand when in as far as possilbe and pressure is applied to it to push in it more. She said no more looking for her g spot its big enough to hit it just sliding in. Well now if you people only desinged these so a man can wear them over his cock the ladies might like that (WINK).Have fun cause if you try this and you take your time you will.
- Darring

Let's just say that this Cock feels as good as it fills every nook and cranny. Whether you are a girl that loves big thick cocks, or a guy that has a passion for getting filled up, this cock will do the trick. Warning it really is big, it took me a good hour to work the first 10 inches into my ass. Still have 3 inches before I reach the balls and I'm definately going to keep trying. The Natural is what I started with and it's perfect if you want to keep it safe, but if you're horny like me you'll have to at least try this magnificant cock. Definately worth the price and even though it weighs over 3 lbs. the suction cup worked great. Lube it or rip it, trust me.
- Sex Freak

Wow is all i can say! What a beautiful toy! Very nice detail all around but would be much nicer with a softer cyber skin type material.Since it is kind of a hard rubber it will hurt a bit at first but beleive me....it hurts so good!I havent used a toy in a couple of years so it's taking some getting used to.Managed to get about 5 inches in so far.Use a good heavy lube with this one.The thinner lubes dont really cut it.It is very flexible but can be mounted anally with out too much of a fight.The suction cup base holds it in place very well.Cant beat this one for the money....well worth it!
- CuriousDave

I must say this is an awesome dildo!! I first got into big dildoes with one called The Moviestar it is 12 inches long and 8 inches thick at the base.(buried it!) I then got this one and it is like 8 inches around right behind the head!!! At first I could only painfully get 5-6 inches in my ass. But as you use it the veins wear down and it turns into a super-slippery monster!! I love putting the balls between the matress of my raised bed and then, doggy style, backing into this big boy and riding it in my ass(12 inches)! After a short time of rthymic plunging,pushing it in then almost all out,faster and faster, my breaths come in jagged gasps as my cock explodes!!! I LOVE THIS DILDO!!
- Johnny

This is a great dildo, but can't recommend it. Its way too hard for deep anal insertion. One would have figured that the manufacturer would have made a newer version with "lifelike feel" material by now. Maybe this review will open some ears because it is a great size and diameter for someone that wants something big inside. Like me.
- Robert

I read a bunch of reviews about this product and I was skeptical. It seemed that many people were somehow able to get this thing into their rectums. How they can do that... I have NO IDEA! This thing is HUGE! When I say HUGE I mean HUGENORMOUS! When I first opened the box and saw it I was like "WTF?!". Insane! My girlfriend and me sat and laughed for a while just passing it back and forth to each other. There is no way she was going to put something this big inside her. She is a small petite woman. I bought this because it was long and had a suction cup base. I was hoping to be able to use it for her when we mess around. The main idea was that she could attach this dildo to something and then use it while giving me oral. I was kind of disappointed at first because of the huge size, but then I had an idea. I decided to use a very sharp knife to "shave" the dildo down a bit. I was able to shave enough of the girth to make it a normal size! Suprisingly the material cuts nice and smooth if you are careful and use a really really sharp knife! Plus you can taper it so that it gets thicker as it goes in deeper! Awesome! So actually this product seemed to work out well in the end and it has provided her with 13 inches of pure pleasure. She loves it now! I suggest that if you can't use this because of the size, consider trying what I did. I would post a photo, but I can't here. What I do know is that this is a very high quality product from Doc Johnson
- Dragon

This ladies is a huge one, if you like big this is it, i had the most wounderful experience everytime I use this. You talk a breathe taking organsm, it reaches places where no man can go. I can only take a little but it makes me want to push the entire length into me, i would highly recommend this to anyone who like fullness like myself,and it will give you the explosion that you are looking for.
- sexy

This product is awesome! I used it for anal pleasure. As for the price; at $1.94 per insertable inch; it is well worth it. I didn't think it was possible to take that many inches in the ass.
- btmsupboi

OMG! This thing is huge. i can only fit about half of it in my ass if i push anymore i start to bleed. its just so wide, 2.5" doesn't sound big but trust me its big! for the part i can fit in its great the veins on it feel like little ribs inside you wow, will keep working on getting it all the way in but i don't know bout that, lol is very good buy for the money tho, just remember this dildo is very very thick and long... well back off to work at this huge monster
- Jon Knight

I had one of these years ago and loved it....Now that I have a new one I still love it!!! The feeling as it penetrates is beyond description and the full - stuffed feeling as it slides in is absolutely wonderful. When you use one of these be careful and use lots of good lube. Also this toy is almost guaranteed to make you bleed just a little after insertion but nothing to worry about. I wouldn't recommend this dildo for everyone but if you want BIG!! then this one might be for you. It is definately for me!!!
- jcase469

I have been using dildos (and combinations of) in my ass for a while and it was about time for something bigger. I saw this and I couldn't imagine being able to take something this thick. I'm not much for extreme length so I cut it to be only 12 inches. Just handling a dildo this serious excited me and I couldn't wait to jump on it. It took me an hour (and lots of lube) to get it all the way in, and like others have said, you do bleed just a tad. It is so worth it. It is a slow go at first but once my ass is used to it and I start jerking off, I can ride this thing so hard. This dildo fills my ass completly and it has never let me down. I reccomend it to anyone who is looking for something a little bigger to work with.
- JustAGuy

This thing is HUGE! I have no idea how people can get this thing all the way inside themselves without scrambeling their organs. I could only fit about 5 or 6 inches of this beast in my ass. I love playing with my dildos and I have had my eye on this one for a long time. I'm still going to try and fit the rest of this monster inside me. I took this big guy in the shower with me and had a blast! I used a LOT of elbo grease lube, that stuff's WONDERFULL too. This mamoth of a dildo is REALY heavy by the way. Just carying it to the shower was turning me on. Still, if you're not used to some extreme ass play you shouldn't get this. It can realy hurt you. It was worth the buy in my opinion though.
- Rob

Yeah everyone will just love this toy. You take it out of the box and it looks so inviting and over time becomes a good friend. It can be a little painful to get in at first, but as soon as your used to it you just can't get enough of the width and penetration .... ohhhh there's more of it to cram in? You'll probably want a thicker dildo, but you'll never want a longer beast ... buy one and have fun ...
- VS

I have been using this dildo for quite some time. Including the suction part, it's 17" here. I would like to announce that I finally got it in completely up till the balls ! This is 15" inserted ! It takes a lot of effort, lubrication and technique but I finally did it and if you're in to it, you shoudl try too !
- affil

This thing is amazing! I never thought I'd ever be able to take something so large, never wanted to actually, but my boyfriend got me thinking about large insertion so I bought this to try. I cum so fast when I use it. I can't take more than 5-6 inches of it in length but it's the width that drives me insane, being so full. I'm turning myself on writing this, I think I'll go use it now. Enjoy!
- BooBoo

For me this is closest thing to heaven. Being a straight male I bought this a couple of months ago for myself. I was used to inserting different kinds of objects in my ass, in fact the biggest diameter was over 4 inches. I have cleaned my bowels completely and can take this Rambone thing to the balls, as I'm writitng this review I'm sitting on it. I'm so horney again that I don't even have to use lube to get this monster buried in my ass and lets me leak lots of precum until I finally get a fantastic orgasm
- Michael

This is THE BEST dildo for the price..when we got it in and opened it, I couldn't believe the size of it. When my buddy that it was in he couldn't wait to use it on me and made me promise not to try it till we got together!!! Woooo! Whoooo! Was it ever worth the wait..yes, it is large and alot of lube is necessary but it felt so good going in my pussy!!! It took a little bit of working it in and out but worth every minute of it... He could only get about 10 inches of it in me, but it left enough for him to hang on to and work it in and out of me... I wouldn't say it was for everyone, BUT if you like being filled up... BUY IT!!!! sassy
- sassy


This dude is huge. Its hard to believe that its made out of a model of a real one. I took it in about half way, after much work, and had one of the best orgasms of my life. My mate got it anally in too.... lets just say we had a night to remember. Do keep in mind that this thing is huge, and will cause pain and bleeding until you get used to it.
- Shyne

this dildo is worth the money but it must be cheap rubber as it stinks.it is also on the hard side which is a shame as it would be great if it was softer so i could get it all in.......i managed 7 inches at first attempt and slowly worked upto around 10 over a few months.....eventually i gave up and trimmed it down to 11 with a sharp knife.......now im happier but you will be sore for a few days after.........if you dont like pain or blood dont buy this-buy something more jelly instead........id give manufacturer 4/10 for trying.
- geoff

This is one of the best dildo's i ever bought, it's huge, it requires alot of lube but once i got it in my ass Wow, it filled me up, i got about half of it and i have some of the most intense orgasms
- GayAnalFill

Amazing! What else can you say. When i got this bad-boy home i was trembling with excitement! I had never tried anything so massive up my ass! When the wife and kids had left for the day and the coast was clear, i started my adventure. It took me about 10 minutes to get the head of this lovely beast passed my rectum. But when it did pass...WOW! I shoved it in as far and as fast as i could until i felt i was going to pass out. I have never been filled up so fast and full. I have been using it everyday now for the past two weeks and take every inch of it with pleasure. This is the Dildo i have been waiting for all of my life. Anything larger or longer would be sure to do organ damage. Keep up the production on this product. I am sure i will purchase another one, because i fully intend to wear this one out. Satisfied in Montana
- Anonymous

The first time I fucked this big boy I shot cum all over my leg!! I can feel it pushing hard against my prostate!! I can take 12 inches , but I think thatis all my body will take!!! I highly recommend this, with lots of lube,it gets me breathing so hard I just scream with extasy! nice ass toy
- Anonymous

I waited a long time to get this dong in and was a little disappointed in how hard it really is. I got it in the mail and immediately took it to the bathroom and did my ass lubing routine. It wouldn't quite go in so I took my Jeff Stryker out and did some pratice squats on it till I was loosened up. I did get Rambone in me and talk about pain, not only in my ass, but my legs as well. I just wish they would remake this one as a super realistic that way it's easier on the ass. I think the next one I get will be either John Holmes or Kevin Dean. Something a little softer and more realistic.
- Jk

What can I say but OH MY GOD! I have been using this dildo for over 4 years now and my wife used it on me for the first time last night, as she did not think I ever used it because of it's size. Boy was she surprised when she was able to get 13 inches up my ass. I came so hard as she was ramming this baby home, I collapsed and just shook for 20 minutes. Best ass reaming ever and cant wait to do it again tonight. I also have the LA Special and it is so different, I love using them both, especially the LA Special first to open me up and then this bad boy, and now I am looking for yet another adventure, Larger.
- Anonymous

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