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Bam Huge Realistic Cock
Product #DJ8170-01

Bam Huge Realistic Cock

Bam Huge Realistic Cock Details:
<span style="display: block; text-indent: 1em;">The legend. The myth. The man. The Bam. One of Doc Johnson's best selling Realistics, year after year after year. There is something about Bam that connects with people all 13 inches of it. You need a thick, long and massive ebony cock. Bam Realistic Cock by All Worlds Toys Stud series Box. Please understand the size of this cock. It is huge 13 inches long and 8.5 inches in circumference. 10 inches insertable to the balls. This black dong is huge and molded directly from Bam's erect 13 inch manhood. Suction cup base to keep it in place. <br /><br />PVC items without this designation are still within the safety standards for materials, and may contain an antibacterial agent. Recommended lubricants are water base. Although you should always wash your products with mild soap and water, Sil-A-Gel is our way of going the extra mile to make sure that your products are as safe and clean as they can be. Bam Huge Realistic Cock from Doc Johnson Novelties the Great American Toy Company. Made in the USA.</span>

Measurements:13.20" long2.80" wide
Features:Suction Cup,made In Usa,lock System Compatible

As a male, I have used this baby for a year now. I wait 'til my wife is asleep and sneak downstairs to our second bathroom with it. It's so big, I can use the suction cup base and stick it to the inside of the toilet bowl and sit on it and jack off. That way, if she were to come down, it would look like I'm just taking a shit! I can't wait to sneak down whenever I can and ride this monster, it really fills ya up, I can just now take it to the balls!
- JB

Oh my, this cock will make your ass explode. The head is so big and great, it will make you cum and cume until you shake. This is worth the time and money, you will never give it up.
- hotass

The best ever!!!! I am in love have had a lot of dildos but Bam is the prefect size for me . Bam is the thing that fucks my pussy now not even hubby{4 1/2 inches}
- Lee Ann D.

All I can say is this cock is huge....much larger than I expected..I own several dildo's...including the jeff stryker model (which I love)When "BAM" arrived the first thing I did was attempt to use it the way it was intended...up my tight ass...no way,.. I lubed myself and I lubed "BAM"...and I tried for 20 minutes and could not even get the head inside my tight ass....this morning I thought I would try to work my way up to "BAM"...utilizing my smaller dildo's and slowly streaching myself...and then try to fit the big boy inside my ass...again to no avail...the Jeff Stryker cock is a snug fit...I guess I'll have to purchase the next larger size cock...to strech my ass and then try "BAM" again in the future....This Cock is truly awesum !!!....Butch
- Butch

My boyfriend gave me this when he was going away to college - he said it would keep me company while he was gone. Not only does it keep me company but has replaced him. Bam looks and feels so real that when I slide down on him I feel like my pussy will explode. My pussy is stretched to the point where I probably wouldn't even feel Tommy's cock in me. I have fucked myself so many times with Bam and I know what to expect every time. No going limp or shooting to early and no messy cum to clean up afterwards. Thanks for best no strings attached fuck around.
- Meaghan

worked exceptionally well !!! id love to have the man himself as the toy was fun.....my gosh what he could do..... bless him!
- Anonymous

I was quite used to shuving dongs up my tight asshole, a lot of big ones to. But when I saw Bam, I left it aside and took one of my old ones:) I was scared to hurt myself with it, but after a while of fucking me with the other toys, I was so willing that I tried sliding it down my small anus, at first it just wouldn't get in but once i set myself down on it it ripped me in 2!! I took more lube and started pounding my ass up and down on it, It felt like nothing else I 've felt before;)
- Anonymous

What can I say, my husband bought me this a while ago to satisfy my craving for a very large cock; it certainly does! As my husband knows much to his pervy pleasure I've had a couple of big cocks in my time before we met, one in particular that believe it or not was as big as this huge dildo - I was 18 at the time (now 37) and this just serves to remind me of the most amazing sex with the biggest cock I ever had. Fantastic, would recommend to any girl / lady that loves really huge dicks, although I've never seen one this big on any other man apart from my experience so give it a try and spare a thought for what it felt like for me at 18 pulling a dick this big from my boyfriends pants for the first time!!
- karen

Wow, I was shocked when my boyfriend showed it to me.. like surely thats impossible! Frankly I wasn't too keen, it looked as if it would hurt... alot! I was always perfectly happy with his average- size-cock, but he was so turned on with the idea of me getting fucked with it I did agree to give it a go. We had to have several attempts at it, gradually stretching my pussy with bottles and things before I finally managed to take it inside me. What a rush!It sort of hurt at first but that soon went and then he started to fuck me with it. God, I came within a couple of minutes and wanted more.He must have fucked me for nearly an hour that night.. I was so sore after, but worth it.I came 12 times ,just from being fucked. {I usually need a vibe or tongue on my clit}Now I've learnt how to relax enough to take it we use it probably twice a week. I would definately say its improved our love life no end.
- Annette

I have many toys and lovers. this cock by far is the best fuck that i ever had. you must buy it '''
- Bonnie

Beware this thing is LARGE. My wife wanted a cock larger than mine and when we measured I had 9" long by 8" around. This was the one for her to try. The first time she saw it she said no way. I got her worked up and pulled out of her and told if she wanted to cum it would be on Bam. She worked slowly until the head slipped in then she rode it hard and fast. She came like a freight train and then climed on top of me to finish the night off. The next morning I awoke to her working BAM into herself for another round. She said it feels so good. She placed it on the floor and asked me to fill her ass. Man did she cum hard. She says she likes me better but Bam will do in a pinch. I can say it is not for the faint of heart. I know I get rock hard watching her ride BAM. The best part is she is just as tight on me after BAM. NICE.
- Thickdick

Ladies you will be filled to the max with BAM. It is very large. My husband is larger than most and I wanted to try a cock bigger than his. A couple weeks ago he got me so worked up I thought I was going to die. He would not let me cum. After about 20 minutes of this teasing he pulled BAM out from under his pillow and asked if I wanted to cum. I was a little scared as it was bigger than my husband's dick. He is 8" around and 10" long. I said we could try but I really wanted to feel his hot cock in me. He lubed up BAM and started to push it in. I said go slow as it really was streching me more than he does. As I watched the head slowly disappear into my hot pussy. It felt wonderful and the next thing I knew I had impaled myslef on almost all of it. He started fucking me with BAM making me cum all over everything. I must have cum 12 or more times before I said enough I need a rest. He stopped fucking me with it and left it burried deep in my pussy. It felt so wonderful, I was filled to the max, I was still having small orgasms that were driving me crazy. I rolled over on all four and told my husband to fuck my ass. He slowly entered me filling me more than I ever thought I could take. I do not remember much after that other than I started cumming again with BAM in my pussy and my husband in my ass. The next thing I really remember was waking up in the early AM feeling totally fucked out yet wanting more. I was so horny I had to get fucked again.
- Lizzie

The first time I looked at Bam my ass puckered with excitement. I had seen the pictures and measurements but “oh my GOD” this black beauty has to be seen to be believed. I moved up to Bam from a smaller white dildo that has ass fucked me for some time. I always use a butt plug to open me and when my ass is ready I can fuck anything. However, Bam’s big head let me know there was a new sheriff in town. He was attached to the door with me bent over taking it doggie style and this black stud slowly stretching and filling me until I nearly cum on the first deep stroke. However, I managed to fuck and suck him and then cum without touching my dick. I am so excited about what I have just had that I can truly say I am Bam’s white bitch. I got more than my money’s worth and if you like it in the ass Bam will make you feel more fucked than you ever felt before. Writing this has made me want to have Bam stretch me deep inside again and see if a male can have multiple orgasms.
- Fulfilled

This thing is a load to pack up inside of oneself. I had to almost empty a whole tube of ky jelly into my ass and then relax completely in order to get in the tip. Then i began applying downward pressure, increasing the force slowly . My eyes bulged my heart stopped, and my cock turned to steel when my ass finally surrendered and i was impaled anally. I then slowly posted up and down, then a bit faster each time. Soon i felt the base of this monster pressing against my pubic bone. It then got crazy as i literally was dropping down upon it with all my weight and feeling it up near my stomach and chest while inside me. ooohhhh then aahhhhh and without a single stroke of my cock I came like never before. So much cum shot out into my open mouth that i had to swallow 3 times to get it all down. I love this massive asstoy and will bounce on it frequently as it can make me cum by itself anally inserted. Get one and see what i mean
- assmaster

I picked out Bam because he is big and black which excites me. My husband is white and has a 5 by 1 ¼ inch cock. Until recently he was the only man I had fucked. A friend of mine was having the time of her life fucking a man with a 9 ½ by 2 incher and I began to wonder what it would be like. One night I accidentally met him and after a few drinks I let him fuck me. We had a lot of trouble opening me up to his big dick but after it went in, my cunt felt so full and I cum so many times that night I lost track. Once you do something like that there is no stopping and eventually my husband found out. We decided to try to work it out together and among other changes we bought Bam. The day he arrived I opened the box and called my husband to tell him to hurry home because I was starting without him. We decided to act out a fantasy where I was ravished by a big black stud and his little buddy. My husband ate my pussy and rimmed my ass while I sucked black cock. I got so hot that I screamed for him to fuck me. He took Bam and slowly shoved the head in. It stretched me out and hurt so good that I begged him to fuck me slow but deep. I cum several times in minutes and my husband had never seen me like that. It really turned him on. He rolled me over and fucked my ass for a while before he pulled Bam from my pussy and after a lot of trying he slowly worked Bam in my ass. I mounted him and with Bam in my ass his dick felt a lot bigger. I cum again then they traded place
- Anonymous

Love Huge Cocks.. but, if you can take Bam to the bottom.. you're a trooper.. may I suggest John Holmes Ultra realistic.. hes just as long with not as thick head. I can take him with no problem, and I give Bam another try after John has me stretched.. Haven't touched bottom yet tho.
- Randy R.

This is by far the BEST Big Black Cock you can buy. You have to be patient with this at first. I am able to take this huge black dick all the way to the end in my ass, it is like nothing else!!! You will start cumming rivers all over everything. The head is so big and perfect, I get hard just thinking how much I love this Huge Black Dick. It is a must buy for everyone who likes the biggest and best huge dick they can buy. You will ride this for hours and cum so many times you will lose count.
- BigDickLover

My husband and I nearly divorced over an affair I was having with Pete so we got Bam to help my husband satisfy my need for Pete’s really big dick. See anonymous 04/10/2004. I have always been a hot fuck but sometimes when Bam fills my cunt it drives me wild and I want multiple orgasms with cock in all my holes. After Bam has opened my pussy and ass my husband’s little dick can’t do me much good. Last Sunday my husband ask Pete to join us. After some foreplay, I got on my knees and sucked both their cocks to get them really hard. Pete set down on the couch and I sat on his lap with my back to him as his big pecker penetrated my ass. My legs were spread and my husband was down between them licking my pussy and guiding Pete’s cock into my ass until it was in up to his balls. Then my husband shoved Bam into my cunt and the two of them started fucking me. I cum immediately and from then on I only remember bits and pieces. Bam and Pete took turns switching between my pussy and ass spreading me in different positions while I sucked my husband’s cock. They kept fucking me and I spent several hours with 25 inches of hot dicks in me. The next day I was sore but so horney just thinking about it that I can’t wait to do it again. I love my husband for buying Bam and sharing me with Pete. He ordered a Sean Michaels dildo so I can be gangbanged by 2 black studs everyday have a 4-some with my husband at night or a 5-some when Pete brings his big dick over which I hope is often.
- Anonymous

This is the best Christmas presents I have ever received. My boyfriend brought it home to me and fucked the hell out of me with it. I have never cum so hard. Now my girlfriend and I use it as a strap on and do each other almost every night with it. Only thing I can say is THANK GOD FOR BAM!!!!
- Gabby

If you buy BAM, you will absolutely fall in love with this big black cock. This brings meaning to the word big, let me tell you. You will have to work your way up to this huge cock, but well worth the work. I cannot describe how horny you will get just thinking about and putting this massive size dick in your pussy or ass. Just use a great lubricant or vaseline, but using vaseline is not good for any latex toy, so be careful. This is all about hitting your G-spot and other places you did not know existed. Forget the price of this huge massive black dick, it is well worth the pleasure it will bring you, literally to the brink of ectasy. My suggestion is to use this daily at first, get used to it, then use it 4-5 times a week for hours on end of pleasure. A must buy for anyone here who is a nympho like myself and likes to fuck themselves whenever and how many times they want!
- Luvsbigblackcocks

Well worth every penny. We need more black porn stars with replica dildos...Lex Steele, Byron Long, Mandingo come to mind. This beast of a dildo took me 2 weeks before it would fit in my ass. I ride it once every few months and cum a fountain as i bury it deep in me.
- Tyler

Well, what can I say. I started with a 9 x 1.75 dong, moving upto the John Holmes, which is 12 x 2.25, and now onto Bam which is a genuine 13 x 2.5, and a slightly thicker head. The John Holmes definately filled me up, and was a great toy, but compared to Bam, is not in the same league. The advantage of Bam is that with the head slightly thicker than the main shaft, you get that special feeling when it is pushing inside you, an experience that just cant be beaten. A massive toy, which will take some practice to fit. I have not been able to get all of Bam inside me yet, but keep fingers crossed I will soon.
- Anonymous

Wow, what an experience!I purchased this toy because whenever my wife gets wasted she usually, in bliss, shouts out "give that big black cock".Humm, I wonder where that comes from! I'm not too poorly hung, 8 X 2. Any way, after 4 or 5 times, I decide what the hell, so I purchased this this big one! One night, after a few cocktails and oral sex, I slippped this baby out from under the pillow. Her eyes got as big as silver dollars.Not a word was spoken as I proceeded to lube it up.I very gently stoked her lips and inserted just the head. Her pussy is EXTREMELY tight. She squirmed with apparent joy as I slowly applied pressure. After about 10 minutes she had impaled about half and had 2 orgasms, She removed my hand and took over. Was I going too slowly? With one final thrust it disappeared to the balls! She then took off. I just sat back and watched this monster go in and out, stretching her pussy lips to the max. What a sight. After 20 minutes she wreathed in frenzy. I gently rolled her over and placed a pillow under her stomach and gave her the best best ass reaming she ever received. She was very sore the next day and nothing was spoken. She would not ever allow me to use it again. I guess my 8 X 2 is enough? Try it if you dare. It was worth the price to see those pussy lips stretched to the max!
- J&D

What an awesome BAM! It is so much more beautiful in reality than in the picture. It comes with a nice red sleeve to store it. The suction cup looks heavy duty. Its size, specially its thickness, is for me just in the limit of the enjoyable for a long ride. It is thick! I got it yesterday and I have already ridden it 5 unforgetable times! I´m getting used to it quite fast and I´ll try to get it up my ass all the way to the balls (I can handle now 8 of 10 inches). The feeling is superb. Nothing compared to the other toys I have tried before. I can´t wait to get back home and lube it. My ass is sore, but I want more!
- Lubrastrip

WOW! This is all that they say it is and more. I got mine and immediately used the suction cup to stick it on a full length mirror. I sucked this "bad boy" for hours! It was like the real thing. It was sure worth every cent!
- Dave K.

When I bought this giant dildo I first had to hide it from my wife. I know that she always have dreamed about fucking a big black dick, so I was in hopes that she at least would try it once. After presenting the fact that I bought a dildo (our first) she was a bit reluctant to try it out, but finally said ok. When I showed her the big BAM she almost went out of the room, but I could detect some glittering in her eyes. Finally when having inserted the top and slowly fucked her with the BAM she went nuts. She almost screamed after a while “stick it in me – faster, harder”. She went moaning and said “yes fuck me with your big black dick”. She came four times that evning and has been loving the BAM since then. She even has slipped that she would like to try the real thing some time….
- Jack

As with the other dildos my wife owns Kevin Dean, Ken Ryker, Tom Chase, Aiden Shaw, and Chad Hunt Bam is her favourite.. Yet her tight pussy can only handle his huge shaft about once a week. Sometimes while she's getting it from one of her other favourites she'll tell me she wants that "big black bam" and I being the good husband give it to her as long as her pussy can handle it. There is nothing like seeing her take this massive cock with ease. Thanks for making my wife and I happy. We love our BAM
- artie

Excellent. I have tried many others and this is one of the best. The size is unbelievable. The only complaint is that it is a little too hard.
- Anonymous

I am in LOVE and I am addicted! Bam's big black cock is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I will tell you how I came to use Bam's beautiful big black cock. I had never been with anyone other than my husband until a couple of years ago. My husband Robert has, I now know, a tiny white dick! It is only 3" long and about 1 to 1 1/4" around when it is completely hard! After having my first affair with a black man with a much larger cock (over 11" and very thick) than Robert's and orgasming for the first time in my life, I knew that no matter what Robert did he would never satisfy me (ever). To keep satisfied when I can't be with my black lovers, I bought Bam. It is fantastic to use when you can't get the real thing. I recommend it for all women who need to have more FULFILLMENT in their lives!
- Cheryl

the suction cup on it is a joke. If you stick this on the floor the dildo will rip right off the cup cuz' it cant support its weight.
- Anonymous

Love this dildo. It feels so good in my pussy as my husband is in my ass. For any white woman with a well hung black husband this is the only cock that compares. It makes me orgasm almost as well as my husband. Well worth the cost for mind blowing orgasms, also good to use if in a threesome with another woman and only one real cock available.
- Anonymous

I'm a little guy that loves cock in my ass. I started younng at 14 with a six inch dong, the same size as my own pecker. It satisfied me for a while until I wanted more, I wanted bigger and longer and fatter. So the next dong I got at 20 and it was 8 inches and I was able to take all the way in in no time. I was fascinated with the black monsters of Lex Steele and Mandingo but they don't have dongs made after them, so I thought I would never be fulfilled. That is until I ran into Bam Bam. All 5 foot 4 and 125 pounds of me took several hours every night for 3 weeks to take it all the way to the balls. I never moaned so loud and breathed so hard as when I was riding a 13 inch baseball bat for hours at a time.
- Boy-Toy

This by far the best cock i have had. Me and my room mate now use it on a regular basis when we are alone and have no man close by. The feeling is incredible. I love to feel it sliding up my hot shaved pussy. sometimes i put some lotion on it to lubricate it and I can feel my pussy opening and stretching to accomodate it. I love to lick all around it after its out from my room mate jenna's cunt. i love to especially lick her cum off it while its in and out of her pussy. God its so good in my ass. It stretches the muscles and I can feel my asshole tightening around the base after its deep in my asshole. sometimes I dunk it in some warm milk before I plunge it in my pussy to see that white creamy milk looking like cum all around it and around my hole. Its a great cock for any single woman or an additional cock to spice up sex with a man. It feels good in your pussy or asshole with another cock in also.
- Nikki

As you anxiously await for this huge black dick to arrive in the mail, you will not believe it when you actually open the package and see how massive and awesome it is! We definately need a Lex or Mandingo dildo to be made as well, so I hope your listening Doc Johnson! You really will not want to us any other dildo you have once you are used to this. After a good solid month of ass play, I can take this all the way about every night. I cannot describe how great it feels, as the pre-cum and cum streams out of my cock in bucketfuls without me even touching it. Ride this huge black dick for hours on end for pleasure. I recommend mounting this on the side of your tub so your legs can pull you towards this huge black cock. You will also ensure that you are taking all of it to the bottom of the shaft. It is also great to get on all fours and ride the shit out of this big black beautiful cock. Make sure to use some great lube, MOIST Anal Lube and Wet's Platinum together are awesome. Let's see a Lex and Mandingo guys!
- hornyforbigblackcocks

I remembered seeing this huge dildo in San Francisco years ago and thought it was the "ultimate challenge". When I saw it here cheaper, I purchased it. When it arrived, I opened the box and couldn't believe what I had purchased. I thought - there is no way that thing is going in me then I remembered reading a review somewhere where a guy said he used the John Holmes Realistic prior to using Bam. One evening, I tried the John Holmes Realistic and was able to get Bam in me but it was a super tight fit. I only had to go up and down several times before I had an explosive orgasm. I'm only able to go down about half way on it - but it's still one of my favorites. Before taking this mammoth cock - I recommend you use plenty of lube and plenty of foreplay because you'll need it!
- 80's Music Fan

Anal monster satisfaction I have gone all the way from 4" 2" around to a 8" 7" get pleased by a dildo in my male shaved ass. At the end with the 8"long and 7" around and it started to slip in with ease, I got to have bigger and bought this. It fills me up. Just rememeber do wear alot of gliding cream. NOTHING COMES CLOSE!!!
- Anonymous

Wife loves it!!! She starts with a Jeff Stryker and finishes with Bam. She has several orgasms with Jeff, but when Bam goes in, he takes her places that she has never been. She comes so hard and long that there is an animalistic quality to her. she can fuck Bam for a long time, and when she is finished, then I take my turn. This is the real deal. It will leave her streatched to the max.
- Anonymous

I had been married for ten tears before I met Bam. I had ten years of unexciting sex with my husband. But work and raising kids were the important things in my life. My husband’s five inch cock didn’t do much for me, but I accepted that was my lot in life. I didn’t know that he secretly wished that I could be laid by a big black footballer with a massive cock whilst he watched. When I found out, I was too scared to agree to sleep around, but I accepted his suggestion that I use bam to satisfy both of us. When first i saw it I was amazed by the size and the power and the beauty of it. Bam was such a turn-on for my husband that he climaxed repeatedly within me thus lubricating my tight cunt and preparing the way for Bam to penetrate me. That is now how we do it. Hubby takes Bam orally whilst he screws me. Then when he falls off exhausted, I take Bam from him and fuck myself. I have never had such orgasms in my life. I have never felt so filled, and never been so fulfilled.
- Sarah

hi everyone i bought this for my wife about a year ago and she couldnt take it more than half and she was so sore the next day she was bitching at me all day so we gave it up for awhile . i like to fuck myself with dildos for years now and she hasnt been much of a fan about that either but she has acepted it anyway ive worked my way up to john holmes for a long time and its really good but when i dug out bam from the closet and tryed to shove this up my ass i went crazy for it , now i shove it all the way to the balls almost every night and now i got her my wife to fuck me with it last night and she sucked the come out of my hard 8 inch cock while i was being rammed by her. she threw me on the floor of the tub threw my leggs over my head and fucked me like i do her wow the best sex night we ever had thanks to bam my ass loves his cock
- slammer

Hey, I just bought this toy called BAM. Being a gay male, I find this product totally awesome and very enjoyable. Wish I could find a man as big as this product. When they say it is huge, it is "HUGE", believe me. It took a little while to adjust to the size, but once I did, I was on cloud nine. I would highly recommend this sextoy to anyone who enjoys anal pleasure. GOOD LUCK, BOYS AND GIRLS, you will need it.

I admitted a comment earlier this year about how my wife loves her "big black bam" Now a few months later she can handle it in her pussy with ease. Now though she can take it in her ass and the pictures i take of it are incredible, though she can not take it all, she is very determined to someday fill herself to the limit. We still love you bam and we now use you about 3 times a week and the "smaller ones" Ken Ryker and Kevin Dean are not enough now, the only one who is big enough is John Holmes but she loves to see the black on white action. Ps Chad Hunt is pretty thick but it is made out of a harder rubber compound and does not bend easy. Once again we love BIG BLACK BAM and whoa the sex is awesome.
- artie

Fantastic,bought this for my wife, and she loves it, didn't think she would manage to take it, but she did, and she orgasmed straight away. Only problem is she might not want me now, only joking, has enhanced our love life to no end, would recommend this to all couples. Just seeing this huge cock going into her pussy was mindblowing. Can't rate it highly enough. Just want her to use it more and more.
- joey

this is so big and nice you have to see it to believe.After we bought this one my wife and i fight over who gets to use it.When we can afford it we are buying another one.
- steve

Man this has to be the ultimate realistic black dildo out there, and if pleasure is what you need than this is the dildo to do it. Mind you it's a once in while pleasures mainly because of it's size, and it's lenghth is out of this world. It'll take some talent to take all this manly meat in, I can't and I've had it for awhile. The most I can do orally is maybe to below the head of the dildo about a inch to two inches down( took awhile to get to that point), and as for anally about half way down the shaft and trying for more. Very huge, and overly impressed. Price wise it was worth the money I paid, and besides it more or less paid for itself or should I say more. If you enjoy black cock as much as I do, than this is the realistic for you.
- badboy

this thing is HUGE! my husband bought this for me to try out and although i have tried a few times i cannot get more that the head inside of me. maybe i'm not ready yet, i am going to try again in the future whenever i'm feeling adventurous. i didn't think i would be able to take the sean micheals dildo either , and now it's my favorite one to use. i may try again after my husband comes in me as this helped things along very well with 'sean'. definitely impressive size wise , but i havent been able to enjoy it yet, maybe i just need to relax a little and get some help from my husbands hot slippery come! the future will tell.
- susie

this huge dildo really stretched my asshole wide and deep.it was so big it riped my asshole and made me shoot my load.I was able to stick it on the floor and ride that big cock real hard.my ass took every inch of bams big cock so deep into my asshole it made me bleed because Iv never been fucked so deep and it stretched my asshole so wide i was in heaven! what a big cock!!! you gota try it!!!!!!!
- sunsetcheeks

I've been working my asshole with the Dick Rambone for quite a while now. I was ready for something bigger. This cock was the best pick I could make. I tied it to my workout bench, laid down, and put my legs up on the barbell. I slowly lowered myself onto this huge dong and almost came immediately - but didn't. I wanted to ride it for a while. I slowly started to work it in and out. Soon, on the very first try, I was all the way to the balls. I fucked myself silly with this dick for 2 hours. Bouncing up and down on it, my dick was flopping, and the faster I went, the better it felt - and I came. This dildo is worth every penny.
- rosebud

Bam's big cock is the best I ever had rammed up me! I'm a crossdresser and when it's time for Bam to do me I like to tie it to a chair, surround myself with mirrors, get on my knees and watch Bam's big black cock fill my wanting ass, fucking me for hours! I've never felt anything like it! Just wish it was a vibrating and ejaculating model. I'd love to feel Bam's big cock jerking deep inside my cock filled ass, giving me every drop of his hot cum! Oh well, I still love taking this big boy!!
- Anonymous

I loved taking this big dildo up my ass. It was a challenge at first but quickly became my toy of choice. I wish I could find a hung black man that size.
- Anonymous

It worked to good! I am 19 and my girl friend gave this to me because I told her the guys I have been having sex with just don't fill me up enough!, When she gave it to me I couldn't believe how BIG" it was and I told her that won't fit in my 5-3" 110lb body!! No way it will fit" and then she said she would get it in me her self! So I undressed and laid on the bed as she lubed me up and I felt her fingers in me WOW never did this before! anyhow I was real wet and moaning and then she put BAM up to my Pussy and rubbed it up & down my lips a bit, then she started to push it in me and I could feel her pushing harder and harder and all of a sudden it slipped in about 3-4" and WOW I screamed so loud every one in my APTS must have heard me! then she pounded BAM in & out of me till I was taking every bit of BAM in me and what a feeling this Cock is, it makes me scream out loud every time I use it and cum like I never have before! If you like big ones this will do very well lady's
- Karen

- Anonymous

I bought this not thinking it was this BIG. Tried it out for the first time last night with my wife. She took it real slow, and after she warmed up to it she loved it. Not all the way, but more than I expected for a small asian woman. However, it really makes a womans pussy gaping huge after using it. Excellent for a white guy who likes to see his woman with a BIG black cock inside his wife/girlfriend.
- Dirty Harry

Oh my God, this thing destroyed my ass! What a feeling having Bam slide in and out. The head is the biggest challenge, once it pops in the shaft is like butter going in and out. If you like BIG, buy this one today.
- ass_slut

It's all true! Read the reviews! I was skeptical that people were overstating how good this cock is but after experiencing it myself, I have to say it would be hard to find something better to fill my ass. It is definitely my new favorite. It's lumpy but not rough, it's firm but not hard. The head is nicely shaped and as many have said, poses the biggest challenge. But once that is in, it is pure extasy. It puts a lot of pressure on the prostate which may make you cum quickly. Never have I gotten so much pleasure and satisfaction from a toy. Cons: - It may be too big for some. It is a bit like sitting on a rubber fire hydrant. :) - I can take the whole thing without much trouble (lots of lube). I'd like to have another 4-6 inches to put myself to the test. After all, I can take all of Dick Rambone. - I won't get anything done around the house now. ;) Gotta go now...Bam Awaits!
- Anonymous

Bam is wonderfull I love black cocks but I dont have the nerve to go for the real thing,so bam is the next best thing its worth 3 times what I paid for it just because its the only cock that cam make me squirt when I cum I just oil up my pussy grab bam and start slamming my pussy working in inch by inch till I get him all the way in then I start pulling it all the way out and slamming back in all at once till I erupt in massive a orgasm only problem is I have trouble keeping my teenage daughter away from Bam shes totaly into it and wants one or her up coming birthday
- Anonymous

I had this dick for 6 months & my husband fucks the shit out of me ever night with it.His best friend is divorced & my husband has him come over & they both do me with it.I've use it so much that there cocks do me no go in my pussy.So they just fuck my ass.Last night as they fuck the shit of my pussy I was so wet my husband pulled bam out of me & shoved his fist in me it felt so good.In the morning I asked whats next & my husband told me that bam was going to go up my ass.The only thing that worries me is I got horny just thing about it. I'll let you know how it works out.
- carol

I cant believe the size of this cock! It is enormous and boy is is goooood! My pussy is getting wet again just thinking about it! I have always loved black dick, but this is just what I need when my man is working late! It takes a little warming up to, but you cant describe the feeling of 10+ inches deep in your pussy! I have the most enjoyment when I stick in the bathtub or closed toilet seat....then ride it! Of course you get all of it this way and multiple orgasms too! Sorry, BAM is waiting for me again!
- Anonymous

I bought the Bam! but in my opinion the Bam is too big. My wife can't handle the bam.
- Lisa

Recieved Bam today- thought I could handle a larger toy- okay I admit I need to use the XL butt plug that came today as well for a while to loosen up before I get Bam into my ass. But what an awesome sensation trying..pushing and stretching- almost there..won't take much to get him inside me...I can't wait, but will take it easy and ride the plug for sometime. The anal lube is great too.
- starfisherman

This toy is awesome. I have to use smaller toys and work up to it but when I feel it open me wide, it almost makes me sqeaul with delight. I love it!!
- Kevin

I bought Bam for me and hoped my wife would want to try it . She said it was too big for her but it seems to fit me just fine. I want to say it is the biggest cock and best feeling cock I've ever fucked myself with. I've been fucking toys for more than twenty years and these new cocks I've bought are so hot. Would love Bam bigger round like 10 inches now that would be hot. I do myself every night and morning before going to work,can't get enough. want it made for a strap-on .
- Dennis Brown

when i first got..bam it was really big and fat..it took me a little bit of time to get going with it..but when i get going it did me right..and the fun i had with it and im still having great time with it..it a really good toy to have around the house..for the times you need something really big..it does the job and does it really good
- tammy

Well I started fucking myself in the ass a couple years ago,just to show my wife that I wouldn't ask her to do anything that I wouldn't do.At first I thought I'd never be able to take a cock up the ass.But to my surprize I began to love it.Wife still would let me fuck her in the ass,but she is more than willing to strap on a dildo and fuck me crazy.I've been working my way up to Bam and can take it all like a pro loving it all the time,wife says I'm a slut lol.Well worth the price.
- Happyass

weel this DEFINETLY was worth price.it was so hot seeing my sexy blonde wife(pro cheerleader) sucking this blackcock as i was licking her.when she was sucking me she was fucking her pussy so much saying"god i love bigblackcock" she never has had a blackcock but thanks to bam she wants the real thing now i cant wait!!
- chris

My husband purchased this for us to use during our sex play. The first time he used it on me I was blindfolded and tied up. He started out with our regular foreplay. Kissing and licking. After a while he placed our anal beads in my ass and then inserted my favorite jelly cook in my pussy. Wow I was in heaven...... Then after about 15 minutes he slowly removed the anal beads while quickly removeing my dildo. I was in heaven. Then to my suprise, while still blind folded I felt a huge warm object rubbing up and down my pussy lips. I moanded with pleasure. Then could feel the head of the object pushing inward on my pussy lips. I have had a cock that was extreamly thick before and anticipated this to be the same size. All of a sudden this monster poped in about two inches past the head and I was moaning to the point of almost pain. It moved further end further in until I asked My husband to stop. He then removed it from my pussy and proceeded to untie me. When he removed the blind fold I was shocked by the size of this cock. He has yet to get this monster all the way in but we're working on it. I squeal with pleasure and my husband cums like a horse when I fuck my self with your massive toy. Thanks for perking up or marrage...... Sore but Satisfied!!
- Kathy

Here's a 2 month update! I forgot to mention the efficient and discreet shipping on my first comment as I was so excited about trying Bam- now after using the XL butt plug a few times a week and SLOWLY working Bam onto my ass I can now enjoy about 8 inches with extreme pleasure! I have used many objects before, but nothing as stimulating as the Bam- use lots of the Anal Eze too! Makes for some great enjoyable assplay!!
- Starfisherman

i love fuckin with this it makes me horney and i wanna keep it in me forever
- sydney

I got this in the mail quickly and discreetly. I was surprised by the size but got it out and started using it, I didn't think i would be able to take all of it the first time but i used some lube and started working it in and got all of in my ass and had an orgasims like never before. My girlfriend came home during the time i was using and was watching and when i was thru she took it and put in a strap on and fucked me hard until I came without touching myself. She likes using it on me as well as the dick rambone one as well. looking to maybe go up in size but not sure, when she is thru I am sore but satisfied. Thanks for making a great product keep up the good work sincerely; LovesCockInMyAss
- Lovescockinmyass

Bam was not what I was expecting, it was more than I was expecting. I have had my share of large cocks in my life, so I am not very easily intimidated-but Bam made me very nervous. My sex partner wanted to see me use it, so he assisted me with it. I just imagined I was with him, he talked me through it all. I didn't have an orgasm, but I felt good after IT all.
- Anonymous

Did it work as expected? My God, I'll say so !!!! How did I use it??? First on MYSELF !!! Then my girlfriend. Then others.......... they ALL cum back 4 more !!! FACT. Was it worth the price??? Every bit worth it. Money doesn't cum into it when you've got a 'tool' like this to play with. It gives so much pleasure...........oh! & just a little bit of Pain, but its real NICE Pain !! Know what I mean ??? What more is there to say. This Toy is more than a Toy, Its a 'WEAPON' its more dangerous than a loaded Gun. It would probably frighten more people than a loaded Gun would. Taking all of this inside you is the most wonderful feeling. It 'fills you up' and makes you feel real nice, deep inside. I know, I've had it ALL inside me, right to the Balls!! Only thing left was the suction pad. If that weren't stuck down, I reckon I can almost take that too. !! Buy one, see if I 'aint right. Enjoy the pain, relish in the pleasure. With this in the bedroom, who needs anything else??? Thank You BAM.
- Martin

this is a quality product and provided you like big toys, it's one of the best. i'm a 5'9" 140 male, so it's hard to get it all the way in even after owning it for 6 months. still, though, it always delivers. it's very textural and the suction cup is sturdy. that being said, i must address the delusional fantasy some people have here, that this represents the typical black penis. I've hooked up with several black guys, and none of them even come close to this thickness. Yes, African American males are typically well-hung, but that's just a stereotype. One that I hooked up with had a dick that was only about 5". i think people just get off on the antiquated social taboo of interracial hookups. that has racist undertones and it bothers me. plus, it's not as if the color of the dildo has anything to do with the pleasure it gives.
- hornball

My wife and I got this dildo today and we have already used it. We found a way to use it with our stapon and she screwed me in the ass with it. OMG I was in heaven, I thought the kong dildo was big..that aint nothing compared to bam. I had no trouble myself taking it, but if you haven't been screwed in the ass much this one my be trouble for you.It was worth the price I paid for it. I have now found a new dildo to be scewed with by my wife.
- Anonymous

Over the years, I've had a few lovers with really big cocks (and always enjoyed sex with them!), so when my husband suggested we try this, I thought why not! He thought I'd never had anything bigger than his 7" so he was surprised when we first used Bam and I took it all!! It really does stetch you and after the first 3-4" something inside seems to suddenly stretch to accomadate the width and the rest just slides in! Boy does it feel good inside as my husband works it in and out ! I'msure our neighbours can hear my screams of orgasm! I use this everyday before work and then screw my husband at night ! Definitely recommend this to any woman who fancies having a really big cock w/o having to worry aboutwhat her partner might think...he'll be rampant after he's used it on you and watched it moving all the way in and out...mine is! So what more could you want- a huge cock to fill you and then a hard real one to give you a good seeing to afterwards !!! Cyn
- Cynthia

Hubby and I are into different games. I never knew he orderd Bam. One night he wanted to use our new handcuffs. He had me on our bed and after performing some oral magic on me her brought Bam out. I could not believe it. He was rubbing it on my clit while adding some lube to Bam. Soon he was inserting it and it was unbelievable. I was enjoying it to the point where I wanted to take control better so he undid the handcuffs and I began masturbating much to his delight. When I realized I was about to cum he took control and made me climax two more times. Soon after the first one I realized we weren't alone for I saw the webcam on and felt really horny. I hope we repeat this game more!
- maria

I worked my way up to this one from the Ken Ryker model. Best latex tool I ever used. Stretched me til I thought I was gonna almost rip open. Last night I screwed this monster and still wanting more today. This is the best money I ever spent on a holespreader.
- deepass

Sex and Mischief Ring Cuffs Black
Sex and Mischief Ring Cuffs Black
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Temptress Collection Vibrator - Tiger Print
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American POP! Mode Anal Plug 4 inches Blue Silicone
American POP! Mode Anal Plug 4 inches Blue Silicone
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Anal Fantasy Anal Starter Kit
Anal Fantasy Anal Starter Kit
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