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Ballsy Pink Jelly Super Cock
Product #DJ0288-01

Ballsy Pink Jelly Super Cock

Ballsy Pink Jelly Super Cock Details:
Veined Jelly Dong with Balls. 8.3" x 1.70"

Measurements:8.00" long1.90" wide
Features:Made In Usa

It reflects the spotlights when i'm doing amateur porn shoots for men. The veins make me feel like the real thing is penetrating my tight asshole. I always keep it with me and use it often.
- karla cd

It wasnt what i expected. I'd rather buy a vibrator.
- Kacey

larger than i expected very pleasing i would recommend
- a

It is too big ..I really like a smaller type Thanks
- pussy cat

This is an abomination... I bought this as a substitute for my ex boyfriend who had an unaturally large willy, but it lacked something, I just can't put my finger on it... I was expecting something that was ready to go straight from the box, but I found the product rubbery and not penetrating at all... At a minimum, I expect a g-spot hit, or a new best friend, but the conversation was lacking and penetration was difficult... It has to be said that I've been on special medicine which makes me very dry, I mean very dry... basically, i'm Arizona - but that's not the point... I needed a large memeber between my thighs, whether rubber or not and this doesn't perform... I had to resort to the cucumbers in the local mini-mart... Disgutsting maybe, but fufilling to the max
- Desperate Dan

at first I thought the product was too big and uncomfortable. After 2 nights of practice I was finally able to embrace the undescribable passion. I lost my virginity to "Big Red" as I like to now call it. You've never experineced an orgasim until you had one with a big pink dick up your ass. Highly recommended!!!!
- manpussy

i used this product about 90 times cum twice each time
- Hassan Fadel

O_O;; I ordered this specifically for a safe-sex seminar, to show attendees how to put on condoms correctly. I thought I was ordering something a little above average size. I was completely wrong! This monster is a full 8 inches tall from the shaft's base, and that's not including the structural base and balls. I cannot close my hand around it properly, and I have long fingers! This will show the attendees that the excuse "I'm too big to wear a condom" is total crap. Even the people in the back of the room will be able to see this. Worth the price paid, if only to suction it to the wall (it does that) and hang things from it.
- Anonymous

This is a great product! We like to watch each other masturbate, and she wanted something that would simulate me (I'm not bragging; I'm not nearly this long, but the diameter is accurate) without having pay through the nose for one of those custom-molded dildos. Well, when I watch her use this toy it gets me twice as wound up as her fingers alone. And she enjoys it too, in fact, we've only had it about a week now, and she's already used at least a dozen times on her own.
- Dusty

This dildo is fucking huge. The diameter and the length are on the painful side. It feels realistic, but it's too big.
- Wow

I bought this toy for my boyfriend to use while I'm away for grad school... We "tested" it out together almost immediately when it came in. After I fucked him, we pulled it out and used it on him to finish him off and he SQUEALED with delight. Says that, yes, it's big (might be too big if I hadn't already loosened him up), but that it was perfect after I'd unloaded into him. We loved the feeling - the jelly texture and the "veins" made it a great toy that was soft enough to feel real but that was stiff enough to really jack him in the ass with. I need to have him stick it on the bathroom floor (it kinda acts like a suction cup), sit on it, and get some pics to take with me to school! An AWESOME toy that I would recommend to anyone looking for a big toy that feels great!
- Brandon

Very big and nice out of the box, but after some weeks in the drawer it stained my other dildoes and (no kidding) kinda melted into a different shape. I buried it. VERY jelly and very soft..maybe thats why it melted!!
- ken

i bought this item for my friend to use on me when i told her that i was bi and would like it if she would use it on me she ok'ed the idea and we put it to good use i love how long and thick it is and can't get enough of it i keeping asking her over to use it on me it works perfectly for me
- Matthew

I bought this and was not happy with the product.suction cup did not work, very flexible,i was expecting something firmer. it was worth the price though.i guess i may enjoy it if i am well worked up but it has a rubber smell,that i hope will go away.this is my first toy and i am not encouraged to buy another.
- Anonymous

Definitely large, but certainly doable, even for a virgin like myself. Excellent for a woman who likes to be filled to capacity. I prefer silicone to the texture of jelly, and this jelly tends to leave an oily stain wherever I leave it, but for this price this is an enjoyable and quite pretty toy.
- Anonymous

Okay, this thing advertises it as being 7" long and moderately thick, about like a slightly above average guy, or as most of us women feel, perfect, once you get used to it. This thing is a MONSTER! *LOL* I measured it, its almost 9" long, and I can barely get my mouth around it! Still, I definitely gave it a try, and once you get over the initial discomfort of its larger than advertised size, its actually a very good toy. Its soft enough that it feels real inside you, and the veins are a great touch. I keep mine in the plastic package it came in when not using it, so the staining hasn't been an issue yet. I haven't failed to get off when using it yet, and I love the color. It could be a bit firmer, but its definitely worth the price paid. If you ladies want a nice filler for those lonely nights, this is the way to go.
- Karyn

This thing is great! I get orgasms all the time! It feels so good. Me and my roommate Carolyn use it all the time when we have sex together. We help put it in for each other and we both agree it works great, However, it does not vibrate and we would love to get a vibrating dildo soon.
- Sally Manson

This IS a hefty one. With an insertable length of 7" and a diameter of 1 7/8", I have to practice first with a smaller one. At first I couldn't get it to go in, it is so flexible. I took the straight part of a heavy-duty clothes hangar and pressed it through to about 1 1/2" short of the head, cut the length left over and bent that into a hook. That way, during use the hangar couldn't push through the head and cause injury. This made it a lot more stiff and useable. Once it started to go in, I got an exquisite sensation. The large head stretched me and I had to take it slow at first. Finally, the whole length was in me, and I rode the monster to a powerful climax!
- Anonymous

This Thing is huge!!! I guess I should have read up a little more on it because if I'd have known how thick this thing was I wouldn't have bought it. However, it does get the job done, after the initial discomfort. It was worth the price but may I suggest lots and lots of lube?? :)
- unknown

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