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Guide to Sex Toys: Vibrators

The Different Types and Styles of Vibrators:

There are so many types and styles of vibrators on the market today: butterfly vibrators, dildo vibrators, g-spot vibrators, anal vibrators, eggs, balls, bullets, waterproof, remote control vibrators, strap-on, hands free vibrators, and even variations of the same kind: including the rabbit, the rabbit pearl and the jack rabbit vibrator to name just a few. And many products do double duty: an insertable vibrator with a clitoral vibrator attached or a clitoral vibrator that is also waterproof. There are even clitoral vibrators that are shaped like a tongue!

LC6910 Anal Mini Tongue Vibrator
SE0595-14 Clit Kisser

In the end, all you want to do is find the vibrator that is right for you and probably without searching through three million pages on several adult sex toy sites. Hopefully, this guide will help you select just the right vibrator to meet your needs and wants.

First, let's go over the general styles and types of vibrators:

Traditonal Vibrators: The more traditional vibrators are low-tech, straight and slim designs often made of hard plastic (which makes them sex toys that are easy to clean) and ranging from four to eight inches in length. Many offer control settings that allow you to change the intensity of the vibration and are battery operated. Of course, you can always just turn them off and have them double as a dildo.

SE7850-04 Tera Patrick's W/P Metallic Vibrator - Pink
FUN02708 Fun Factory Heartbreaker Silicone Vibrator

G-Spot Vibrators:

G-spot vibrators are a fun sex toy that can help you explore the often elusive G-spot.

They are usually designed much like a regular vibrator with a curved end. Some say that it is better to have a relatively firm G-spot vibrator so that you can use it to apply a firm massaging pressure to the G-spot without the vibrator flexing too much, though this may be a matter of personal preference. Firmer Jelly material vibrators often do the trick -as do plastics. G-spot vibrators also come as attachments or sleeves that fit over a traditional vibrator.

Best selling G-spot vibrators include:
WF1202-6 Slimline G Spot Probe -Purple
DJ5586-01 Janine's Red G Spot Vibrator
SE8911-20 Two Toned Ribbed G-Spot Vibrator
SE0039-04 Girl's Best Friend G-Spot Clit Sucker Vibe

Realistic Vibrators:

Want the look and feel of the real thing? For some, a vibrator that is more closely fashioned after a real penis is more visually appealing and erotic. And, with new sex toy materials like Cyberskin, realistic sex toys are more and more able to approximate the look and feel of real skin. Silicone and latex materials are also often used to create vibrators with the look and feel of the real thing. Realistic vibrators also come in varying sizes and skin colors. Some are even fashioned directly from molds of actual Porn stars! Best selling realistic vibrators include:
PD1301-29 Waterproof Chocolate Jelly 9.5 inch
PD1315-33 Jelly Fantasy Waterproof Vibe 8.5 inch
PDRD107 One on One Real-Feel Waterproof Vibrator
DJ1160-01 ultra skin vibrating cock 6 inch
DJ1156-02 Beige Vibro Realistic - 8 inch

Clitoral Vibrators:

Many women will attest that clitoral stimulation equals orgasm and that is why clitoral vibrators are an always popular sex toy, particularly a women's sex toy, (but we must add here that holding a small egg vibrator against a man's balls or in the perineal area in general has had some good reviews as well!) A vibrator can also provide mutual pleasure when a woman presses it against her clitoris during intercourse. Vibrators can also be used to enhance oral sex by simply placing the vibrator on the genitals while oral stimulation is being performed. The more traditional clitoral vibrators are hand held, while some clitoral vibrators are strap-on allowing for hands-free pleasure. And while some clitoral vibrators are non-insertable there is a whole line of clitoral vibrators which are featured as attachments on the shaft of vibrating dildo-like sex toys-also listed here as combination vibrators such as the jack rabbit vibrator which was made famous on an episode of Sex and the City.

SE0610-00 Jack Rabbit

Sub-Categories of Clitoral Vibrators:
  • Clitoral only:
    Clitoral vibrators come in many varieties. One of the benefits is that they are usually small and compact and many wouldn't even be recognized as a vibrator at first glance (great vibrators for travel.) Being much smaller and much more portable makes them the best choice if you are looking for something which can easily and discreetly slip into your purse or even pocket. While not usually built for insertion, but rather external genital stimulation, they still get rave reviews. One of the smallest vibes out there, fitting just over one of your fingers, but able to provide earth-shattering results, is the Fukuoku -see below.
    Best-selling clitoral vibrators include:
    DJ0376-01 Pocket Rocket
    FIN610-3 Fukuoku -Purple
    TOH3048-7 Rock-It Waterproof Mini Vibrator - Blue
    TO7455-6 Mini Clit Rocket Vibrator - Pink

  • Electric massagers:
    These are often powerful massagers which could double as muscle massagers and are not designed for insertion, but rather for hand held direct clitoral stimulation. If you're looking for a sturdy, long-lasting vibrator that can easily be used on other areas of the body this may be the type for you. One of the most popular on the market is the Hitachi Magic Wand. These massagers are great for powerful pleasure, though their settings are also adjustable. The vibrating head is shaped like a tennis ball and works oh-so well for external stimulation. And because it's made by Hitachi, the quality and durability are top-notch.
    Best selling electric massagers include:
    VT250 Hitachi Magic Wand
    SE0034-11 Infrared Electric Massager

  • Strap-on vibrators (also referred to as hands free stimulators):
    These sex toys are small and designed to sit atop the vagina in the clitoral area and are held in place by straps around the waist and or legs. They are often designed to look like animals (tiny dolphin, hummingbird, rabbit, butterfly etc.) and most are small enough to be worn under clothes. One of the best advantages of these vibrators is that they are hands-free and often leave the vaginal area exposed, ready for penetration or oral sex and can be worn during intercourse.
    Best selling strap on vibrators include:
    NW10601 Dragon Fly
    SE0601-12 Shane's World Venus Butterfly
    SE0613-04 Interactive Mini Dolphin Strap-On Vibrator

  • Eggs and Bullets:
    Eggs and bullets, as the names imply, have rounded shapes resembling that of an egg or bullet. Simple little powerhouses of vibration, these sex toys are small and most have a remote batter pack. They can often be used internally as well as externally and usually allow for you to adjust the level of vibration.

    They are easy to be creative with, as their uses including clitoral and sometimes vaginal and anal stimulation. They can also be held against a partner's balls or peritoneal area for increased pleasure during orgasm.

    Best selling eggs and bullets include:
    GT609 Silver Bullet
    SE0080-10 Waterproof Remote Control Vibrating Egg
    SE7851-03 Tera Patrick's W/P Mini Metal Vibrator - Onyx
    DJ1604-02 Silver Bullet Vibrator: MS
    PD2694-26 Waterproof Silver Bullet

  • Nipple Vibrators:
    Nipple vibrators often come paired with a clitoral vibrator as well. They often attach via suction and can add that extra amount of feel-good stimulation to other erogenous zones when alone or with a partner.

    Best selling nipple vibrators include:
    SE2640-03 Nipple Suckers
    PD3222-00 Triple Super Suck Her
    SE0596-14 Nipple Teaser

  • Combination Vibrators:
    As mentioned earlier, clitoral stimulation is usually the most common way to bring a woman to orgasm. But why not have the best of both worlds? Combination vibrators are designed to double your fun and are understandably, very popular. They can be set to stimulate both the vagina and clitoris at the same time. The level of stimulation to either the clitoris or the vagina can usually be adjusted independently and are generally easy to use, even as a first-time vibrator. One well known example is the Jack Rabbit, featured on an episode of Sex and the City as a sex toy so fulfilling, that Charlotte no longer wanted to leave the house!

    How do they work? These insertable vibrators have incorporated an added feature: a clitoral stimulator situated on the vibrators shaft. Truly a two- in-one sex toy! The clitoral stimulators often have shapes resembling animals (think butterfly vibrator, dolphin, rabbit) and blessed be to technology-as mentioned earlier, the clitoral part often has its own control knob. You can insert the shaft until the clitoral stimulation reaches the right spot, then turn on either one of both of the vibrating functions (shaft vibration, clitoral vibration or both) Several of these vibrators also have extra added bonuses like rotating pearls in the shaft for increased stimulation. You can also experiment with turning some of them around and letting the clitoral stimulator work in other areas.

    Best-selling combination vibrators include:
    SE0610-00 Jack Rabbit
    DJ1452-00 The Hop 'n Rabbit Stroker vibrator
    PD1632-11 Deluxe Rabbit Pearl Vibrator - Pink
    SE0673-14 G-Spot Tango Vibrator
    NW1802 Clear Snowbird Vibrator

Anal Vibrators
There are vibrators made especially as anal sex toys for practical reasons. While technically most vibrators can be used either vaginally or anally, the importance of using an anal vibrator is that regardless of what the overall shape is like: realistic dildo, a more smooth bullet-shape or resembling an anal plug- the key feature is that anal sex toys are designed with a flared base or retrieval cord. Why? Because as funny or embarrassing as it may be to consider, the fact is that the anal opening has sphincters which contract during orgasm and the anus is continuous with the intestinal tract-- so imagine an object that is lubricated and can now be literally sucked into the opening and "disappear." Nothing spells the end of an erotic evening like a trip to the E.R. to have a toy removed! Thus, the wisdom of using a vibrator for anal play that is specifically designed as an anal sex toy.

Best selling anal vibrators include:
SE0633-04 Vibrating Anal T
DJ5560-07 Lacey's Vibrating Butt Plug - Small Pink
SE1329-04 Waterproof Vibrating Anal Beads - Pink
NW1657-2 Wild Monkey Rabbit Vibrator - Pink

Vibrator Kits:
Vibrator kits are usually a relatively inexpensive way to try out several different styles of vibrator. They often come with a few sleeves that can be slipped over the vibrator or vibrators that come in the kit, so that you can experience a range of shapes. The vibrators that come in kits range in quality -so some people buy kits to find the style/shape of vibrator they really enjoy and then upgrade to buying a higher-end vibrator of that style in the future. Vibrator kits can be a good way to experiment with different styles and really explore which ones are right for you!

Best selling vibrator kits include:
TO7715-7 Foreplay to Love Kit - Plug in
NW1771-1 Infinite Pleasures Kit - Pink
PD2047-00 Beginner's Tickle Your Fancy Kit

Special Features You May Want in a Vibrator:

  • Remote Control:
    Remote control vibrators usually come as part of a pair of panties or thong that contains the vibrator within it. The person working the remote can be the wearer or someone else who is standing often up to 40-50 feet away.

    They tend to be relatively quite vibrators and can often be worn out in public as well as private! Be sure to visit our Wireless Remote Vibrator selection to see several options.

  • Waterproof:
    These models are safe to use for lots of extra fun in the bathtub, pool, hot tub, etc., because they have been especially designed to keep their internal electrical parts safe and dry. Why not spice up a romantic bubble bath with a great new toy? Be sure to visit our Waterproof Vibrators selection to see several options.

  • Strap-on: As mentioned above under clitoral vibrators, these vibrators make a great option when you want you want enhanced clitoral stimulation that allows you and/or, you and your partner, to keep your hands free for other hands-on pleasurable activities. They can also be worn during penetration! Be sure to visit our Vibrators with Harness section to see several options.

More Info. On Vibrators:

Battery powered Vibrators vs. Electric Vibrators:

Are you are looking for a fun, portable toy or an especially powerful and sturdy vibrator?

Electric vibrators are usually very reliable and sturdy sex toys that tend to last and last. The only thing to keep in mind is that you must be near a wall socket to use them, while battery operated vibrators can be used almost anywhere, including underwater if you buy the waterproof variety.


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