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Guide to Sex Toys: Dildos

The Different Types and Styles of Dildos:

Dildos are a great sex toy that come in many different styles and types ranging from dildos fashioned after a realistic look and feel, to huge giant dildos, smaller smooth dildos, strap on dildos, glass dildos, dildos that vibrate and anal dildos to name a few.

With so many choices, it helps to ask yourself how you may want to use your dildo (example: vaginal use only or also as an anal dildo) as well as how you want your dildo to feel (example: a bit pliable or rock solid). These questions are important because you can probably find a dildo that fits your every desire. You may even choose to select more than one style or type. Also -some materials are easier to clean than others (some materials are more porous-see section below on Care and Cleaning.) Will this be dildo for personal use only or will you be sharing? Remember, of course, that you can always put a condom on dildos that are being shared.

Below is a general guideline for helping you choose the right dildos for you. Of course, many of these categories could easily overlap (example: a strap-on dildo that is also a realistic dildo.) Only you know what kind of fun you want to have with your dildo so we encourage you to browse the different types of dildos on our site in order to see photos and descriptions to gain an even greater sense of what might be right for you.

Traditional Dildos:

The official definition of a dildo is "An object having the shape and often the appearance of an erect penis, used in sexual stimulation." As traditional dildos go-this still encompasses quite a range: from realistic looking dildos (some with veins, ridges, balls at the end, or even fashioned directly after specific Porn star actors from actual molds of their members) to simple, smooth, bullet-shaped dildos that don't closely resemble an actual penis. Some vibrate, some don't, but they are all designed for penetration.

Best selling traditional dildos include:
DJ0236-01 11 inch Cock with Balls Beige
DJ0279-11 Raging Hard On 7 inch cock Ultra Skin
DJ0286-02 10 inch clear Jelly dildo


This category of "dildos" falls a bit outside of the traditional definition. Balls often fall into the category of vibrators but when they are non-vibrating and used only for insertion some consider them to be more like dildos. Sometimes balls used for insertion are separate and sometimes they are encased together, for example in a silicone sphere. They are thought to stimulate the inside of the vaginal canal but are often considered to do so very subtly.

Best selling balls include:
PD2711-00 BenWa balls
FUN36303 Fun Factory Smart Balls-Magenta/Red
SE5830-04 Dr Z Orgasmic Balls-Pink


Beads may be a more popular alternative to balls. They lend themselves to use for both vaginal and anal play. They come in different materials and are strung together along a cord which aids in retrieval/removal of the beads. Both the insertion and removal of the beads can be a very sexual experience. They are to be inserted one by one and then when removed -provide stimulation for either the anus or the vagina-wherever they were inserted. They can also be used for anal play during intercourse to heighten the amount of stimulation for your partner.

Best selling beads include:
SE1329-04 Waterproof Vibrating Anal Beads - Pink
DJ1623-00 Vibro Balls
NW1598-1 Surge Master Vibrating Anal Beads - Pink

Anal dildos-

Some dildos are designed specifically for anal use. One special feature that sets these dildos apart is that they are designed with a cord or flared base so as to aid for retrieval from the anus. You can of course use a regular dildo anally-but be aware that the anus -unlike the vagina- is a canal that is continuous with the large intestine so dildos can get lost in the anus if fully inserted!

Best selling anal dildos include:
Double -sided dildos
Double-sided dildos are dildos that can be used with oneself and a partner at the same time. Double dildos are often structured like an especially long dildo with both ends designed for insertion.
Best selling double-sided dildos include:

Dual-penetration Dildos-
Dual-penetration dildos are dildos designed for both vaginal and anal penetration to occur at the same time for one person--using a double dildo with both dildo heads angled in the same direction.
Best selling dual penetration dildos include:
SE0834-12 Crystalessence Dual Penetrator
SE8386-12 Devinn Lane's Double Action Vibrator
TAN9911 Feeldoe with Mini Vibrator - Violet
DJ1015-05 double penetrator vibrating

Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos are fashioned after the real thing. They come in a variety of flesh-tone colors, sometimes also have balls at the base and are created from a variety of materials. Some of these materials are designed to be very close to the look and feel of real skin, such as Cyberskin. Some realistic dildos are even fashioned after molds made from real porn stars.

Best selling realistic dildos include:
TO0446-7 Cyberskin Cock beige
TO0414-6 Magnetic Attraction CyberSkin Cock
DJ0276-01 6 inch ultra skin cock

Strap-on Dildos
Strap on dildos allow the user to wear a harness to position the strap on dildo on their own bodies for use with a partner. Most strap-on dildos are inserted through the harness and come with a wider base to help them stay in place. There is also a special type of harness called the Vac-u-lock harness which keeps a dildo in place via a vacuum which is created when strap on dildos specifically designed for this kind of harness are used.

Best selling strap-on dildos include:
DJ1051-02 Ultra Harness 2000 for females
DJ1051-02 ultra harness with 8 inch cock
DJ1050-15 Ultra Harness II - Ultra Realistic 6 inch

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