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Guide to Sex Toys: Faq

  1. Why does my brand new sex toy have an unusual smell?

    Like a new car or fresh paint, the material sex toys are made of can cause new sex toys to often have an unusual smell. This tends to be true for latex toys as well as silicone, Cyberskin, NewSkin, Ultraskin or jelly sex toys. The smell is completely normal. The good news is that it won't last forever. One of the best remedies is to let the toy "breathe." Take it out of the wrapper or box it came in and store it where it can get fresh air. It is also helpful to wash your new sex toy. (You may want to see our section on care and cleaning.) The smell should decrease dramatically over time.

  2. What is the best way to store my sex toy?

    Aside from storage being in a handy yet discreet place, it is important to clean your sex toy after each use before storing it away and to make sure that it is completely dry. Also make sure it is not stored somewhere where it would be continually exposed to a moist, damp environment (such as a bathroom) since bacteria often thrive in warm, moist dark places. It is best to store your sex toy somewhere where it is dry, not too hot and where there is a decent amount of circulation such as a drawer or a shelf in the closet, but not in a plastic bag that could prevent air from circulating. Even if you never share your toy, these steps are important to help prevent growth of bacteria or yeast that could potentially aid in causing urinary tract or yeast infections.

  3. How can I bring up the use of sex toys with a partner?

    Of course this varies widely depending on the individual but it may be helpful to find out what they are interested in by asking them questions in a intimate environment: have they ever used a sex toy before, have they ever thought about it, is there any type they are the least bit familiar with or curious about etc. If you know your partner very well you may consider surprising them with a sex toy as a gift, but if you are at all unsure of their reaction you may want to approach the subject verbally first. It may also be more comfortable for you to browse through an online store together to see what appeals to both of you.

  4. What kind of personal Lubricants are safe to use with a condom?

    In general, water-based lubricants (like Astro-Glide or K-Y personal lubricant) silicone-based personal lubricants are safe, while oil-based or petroleum based lubricants are not. Most condoms are made of latex and can quickly degrade if they come in contact with the wrong kind of lubricant like the petroleum-based lubricants mineral oil, baby oil or Vaseline.

    You should also check the information from the condom manufacturer, which should be on the box. If in doubt -a general rule with condoms is don't use any OIL!

  5. Is it possible to become desensitized by using a vibrator?

    The idea that a vibrator could make a person become less sensitive or receptive to stimulation from a partner is considered a myth, though a common one.

    There is no information or research that indicates use of a vibrator causes desensitization of either the clitoris or the vagina. There was even a study, conducted by Syracuse University, which asserts that women who used vibrators were actually having more orgasms and more frequent sex with their partners.

    One reason this myth may have started is that vibrators -as well as ANY other type of intense or prolonged stimulation -can cause transient desensitization, one example of this being the "refractory" period after orgasm in which many people require stimulation to ceaseŠat least for a brief period. This point of "over-stimulation" varies from person to person as does normal recovery time. However, this type of desensitization tends to be completely temporary.

  6. How do Penis Pumps really work?

    Penis pumps are a temporary way to help enlarge the penis. How long do results last? This not only varies person to person but is affected by how long your pumping session lasts. In general though, most men see results that last a few hours, while some reportedly have results for days. Using the penis pump by pumping only a couple of times and removing it after a minute will produce different results than if you pump to the threshold of discomfort and then leave the vacuum chamber over the penis for five minutes.

    How long is it safe to pump for? As a general rule pumping sessions should be ten minutes or LESS and common sense should be your guide. You never want to experience pain while using a penis pump. Also note that you should decrease the pressure in the cylinder gradually once you are done. If not, it can cause broken blood vessels.

    Be aware that you could cause injury if you don't listen to your body. Never pump to the point where you feel pain. Be sure to read any cautionary statements that the manufacture of most pumps provide and consult with your doctor, especially if you have any health conditions or are on any medications because people with certain diseases or who are on certain medications should not use penis pumps.

    You may still be able to use the pump but your doctor may have advice or cautions for using the penis pump that are specific for you. Some doctors may even be familiar with the use of penis pumps for help with erectile dysfunction.

  7. Why is my new vibrator difficult to adjust?

    This is not terribly uncommon and the best remedy may be to remove the batteries and twist the vibrator on and off for a few minutes. Sometimes the adjustment dial at the base is simply very tight and needs to be loosened up.

  8. How long will a vibrator last?

    While this depends a lot on quality and type, an industry standard is about a year- since many of these items are often made from rather inexpensive materials. That said, some items, especially electric vibrators, can sometimes be very sturdy and last for decades!

  9. Why is there a film on the surface of my new sex toy?

    It is common for many sex toys to arrive with a protective coating on them, especially on jelly toys. This protective layer may feel slightly greasy to the touch and is completely safe. You should wash your sex toy with a little mild soap and warm water to remove this coating. It is merely there to protect the surface of the toy while it is still in the box.


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