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Classic Butt Plug Large Black
Product #DJ0244-06

Classic Butt Plug Large Black

Classic Butt Plug Large Black Details:
A classic toy for beginners, Doc Johnson's 6 inches Butt Plug has a smooth tear drop shape ideal for first time insertion. The tapered body gives a comfortable feeling and flared base holds the toy secure. Made from PVC, non-phthalate body safe material, which includes Doc's antibacterial Sil-A-Gel formula. Color Black. Proudly made in America. Insertable length 4.2" inches, width 2.20 inches.

Measurements:6.00" long2.20" wide
Features:Made In Usa

I was really excited about this when I bought it, I've wanted to try anal stimulation for a long time and I was certainly not disappointed by this. It was a little tough to get in my ass at first but now it's not as much trouble and it's brought my orgasms to all new heights. Plus it drives my boyfriend crazy when he feels it through my walls as he's buried in my cunt. I'd definitely say it's worth the little bit of money paid.
- Anonymous

This plug really seemed to be durable when I first purchased it, but I ran into problems after about two months of use. Right where the base starts to broaden the rubber tore and I believe the rip will slowly worsen with time leaving the plug unsafe for use. This may just be a defect with my particular plug, but it might also be a design flaw.
- J Sage

i loved it. it really stimulated my ass an made me cum really hard. it felt like it was just stretching my hole. it was the greatest thing ive ever tried.
- Anonymous

The flared base is thin and flexible, which unfortunetly allowed the whole thing to be pulled into the rectum. This isn't very safe.
- Anonymous

An excellent product, but one for intermediate to experienced users only. I quite like the idea of a good anal stretching, and this product certainly did the job. It took some practice (and gritting of teeth) to get it in all the way, but it's worth it - I loved the way it felt when fully inserted in my ass. I can now take it with no problem, and it makes me come every time. It's great for some serious plug play, or just to leave in for an extended period. For those into fisting, this plug would be excellent forplay. Highly recommended.
- Anonymous

This buttplug made my ass bleed for two days. If I were you I would try a smaller one. Maybe the medium size. I am seriously afraid of this monster. If you do get it make sure you use a good lube.
- Lance

Great toy ! Althoug my asshole is used to getting rammed by much bigger items this one makes me OH! and AH! when I put it into me. Sensational feelings when I pull it back out. I love to feel it inside my ass while doing housework or in public (no one will know the nasty secret) and even had some very hot bicycle riding. Oh ! Just thinking about this monster makes me hot for it again. A stuffing tool like this is a must for the anal lover !
- tammy

This toy is huge. Much bigger than it sounds and looks on this website. Before you buy this toy, actually draw a circle that's 2 1/4 inches in diameter and realize that your anus must stretch to that diameter! This toy is going on our shelf to stay until she's a little more anally experienced.
- Dusty

On the plus side, this toy has exactly the right size. I cannot get the whole thing in (yet!), but the idea of something this big in my tiny asshole drives me crazy. Also, it is good for stretching WIDE as preparation for the real thing, pushing it slowly in and out and going a little deeper each time. On the minus side, the foot sucks. It works okay as a grip, but for riding it bends and the plug falls over. This product could be greatly improved by adding a proper foot, preferably one with a suction cup.
- Selena

I reviewed this product some time ago, and said that the wife and I could not fully insert this product due to the size. Well, she succeeded. And we quickly discovered that the warning that appears in another review on this site is true, the base is NOT suitable for keeping the ENTIRE PLUG out of your rectum! It was very touch and go for a few minutes, but we finally succeeded in pulling the toy out of her. And we promptly threw it away. This toy is UNSAFE. The base is much to flexible, and I urge this website to do one of the following: (1) Stop carrying this toy (2) Issue an appropriate warning about the very flexible base (3) Demand that the manufacturer make the base much sturdier. My wife said that she would have enjoyed the diameter, she thinks, if it hadn't been for the base bending and allowing the entire toy to slip in. And because of the shape of the toy, once the widest part was inserted in her, her anus literally "pulled" the toy inside her. Think twice.
- Dusty

I agree with the previous posting concerning the foot. The size is great, though - with warmup and lube it provides a very intense feeling which is hard to beat. So please: Make Doc Johnson get that foot problem solved!
- John Doe

I have the plug that is a step up from this and thought I would get the large one for fun without too much stretching. The differences in sizes are quite a bit and I felt that this large one was too small. Maybe if I hadn't experienced the huge size this would have been satisfying, but this slid in too easily and the base is way too flexible. Especially when it isn't difficult to slid in.
- Anonymous

Wow!! I prepared myself for my first time with a hot black shemale by "practicing" with this. Once i had used this a few times I fulfilled my fantasy by getting fucked up the ass by an 11" black shecock. Every time I use this it brings back great memories.
- jerry

This took some getting used to for the size. It took me probably two weeks of consistent use to get it all the way in, and when it finally "popped" in, I found that the base was indeed too flimsy. Unfortunately, the feet "folded" and most of the toy was completely inside me. I was able to dig with my fingers and, with a little help of my "pooping muscle", I was able to pull it back out. As long as you make sure the feet don't go all the way inside, this toy is okay, and it really does make me cum hard when masturbating with it in, but this definitely requires a CAVEAT EMPTOR-- BUYER BEWARE!
- Jim

Love it is all I can say. Cant quite get it all in yet but, working on it. Feeling my ass stretch like that is amazing. I dont think Ive ever cum so hard. The feet are somewhat flimsy as other comments have said. But, for the price I cant really complain. I bought this so I can train myself for the black fist or the jumbo jack. Just thinking about a dildo as round as a beer can gets me hard and makes my asshole quiver. Buy it you will enjoy it!
- busaman

It will take you a while to get it in,I am still trying, it feels good to stretch it so much.
- Anonymous

I love this plug, hell i have it in right now. I started out with a medium and large standard doc johnson plug. the large standard plug is more comfortable at first compared to this monster because the base on this large plug is a good quarter or half inch wider in diameter. that may not sound like much, but it really is. I love wearing this plug when i go to class. It makes walking to lecture every day much more interesting, after haveing left it in from the night before. it is hard not to show my arousal when walking with this in. i will have to try rideing a bike with it in, as others have recomended ****WE DO NOT RECOMMEND LEAVING PLUGS IN FOR MORE THAN 20-30 MIN INTERVALS. EXTENDED USE CAN CAUSE INTESTINAL PROBLEMS!!!!****
- ryan

This toy is great for those who want to go beyond the standard large doc johnson plug. however i have had trouble keeping this monster in, as its flare towards the base cuts off abruptly. it defenatly gives a different feeling than the standard plug, also makes wearing the standard plug much more comfortable... atleast in comparison lol i saw this plug in a bella donna video and had to have it. i cant say im dissapointed, but it is not a plug that you will be using for long term wear, atleast not at first enjoy!
- ryan

this is the most amazing toy i own when it arrived i couldn not wait i quickly rammed it into my tiny butt hole and it felt like my anus would rip. i am a fan of pain so i enjoyed this little foreplay with myself. i have had it only three weeks and i only remove it to go to the bathroom its amazing. i love it and hope many more items like this get added to my collection
- Anonymous

I love this plug! it was a little big at first, but if you have mastered the other large doc johnson style plug, this one will fill you up just a tad more, but trust me you can notice the difference!
- brandon

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