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Classic Butt Plug Large Beige
Product #DJ0244-03

Classic Butt Plug Large Beige

Classic Butt Plug Large Beige Details:
A classic toy for beginners, Doc Johnson's 6 inches Butt Plug has a smooth tear drop shape ideal for first time insertion. The tapered body gives a comfortable feeling and flared base holds the toy secure. Made from PVC. Color Beige. Proudly made in America

Measurements:6.00" long2.20" wide
Features:Made In Usa

It's big, It's great! Too big to start off with but great once you've gotten used to 2" toys. Going from 2" to 2 1/4 really seems to increase the diameter a lot! Be prepared to go slow. Once you get used to it It's amazing when you take it into your ass. It's my favorite butt plug.
- Anonymous

When I first tried to use this plug I couldn't get it in my tight ass. After lubing up and using some smaller plugs I was finally able to stick it all the way in. Now when my ass slides down around the base of the plug it makes a sucking sound and the feeling nearly blows my mind. I then shove it in and out many times until my ass is ready to fuck anything. Then I ass fuck an 8 by 1 3/4 inch dildo until I am ready to blow without touching my cock. At the last minute I pop the plug back in my hot ass and suck the dildo until I cum. This has worked so well that I now want to move up to the 5 inch plug and BAM dildo. This has been the best money I have spent and as soon as I order the big new toys I am going to do it again with the little guys just to get ready for an even bigger stretched out ass fucking. I will tell you about those products later but right now I need to take care of some hot ass.
- Anonymous

This is MORE than I expected! WOW! This is a very big butt plug. If you are a first timer or starting out slow you may need some time and practice before getting this one. Once you do get to it - OH MY GOD - what a feeling. Worth the money. It's also great if you start out with other plugs and gradually work your way up to this one! I never felt this good! :)
- Anonymous

WOW! This is the best. Work your way up to this size with the 1.75 inch and 2 inchers. A feeling of satisfaction comes over you as it slips into your wide open hole for the first time. Stays put until you want to pull it out. Nice "umph" as it pulls your ass fully open and slides out. Use plenty of lube and pre-stretch. Repeated entry, like a dildo, feels great as your ass flexes over it's widest diameter. Go slow
- Stretched Fully Open

I have had this plug for quite some time. I used it constantly at first and it felt so good. My ass is much bigger and MUCH easier to open now. I've gone back to playing with it constantly now. In fact, I have it in as I am typing this. I love for people to fuck me with it like it is a regular dildo. That gets my hole so wide and gaping that I think I can take anything. I highly recomend this tool for opening and for pleasure. (_O_)
- fillmybutt

Well it didn't take me long before i was bored with the medium size.So within a month I already purchased this large butt plug and put it to full use.You might need to graduate from the medium before you use this one like I did.But right now it's very enjoyable and I don't know what im going to do when I get used to this but im sure it will take some time.It's well worth the money, great toy.
- neil_b4you

Excellent butt plug, really comfortable fit, if you are experienced with anal play, this shouldn't provide any problems, I'm wearing it as I type this :) Even comfortable for extended wear. Doc Johnson high quality build. Does not slide in beyond what it should, quite secure.
- Anonymous

This toy is well worth the money paid for it. Took a little work and a lot of lube, its best to go in stages, 1.75, 2 inch then up to 2.25. It feel s so good as the wide part slides in, and the mix of pleasure and pain as it held there is bliss. Definately recommended to anyone who likes to feel full.
- AnalSlave

Awesome buttplug, bigger than I expected. Nice feeling the first time it goes in, althought it certainly takes some time. I love to wear it around in public, for that naughty experience.
- assgirl

I was counting the minutes till I got home today and this and another larger toy were waiting for me on my doorstep. I ripped open the box like it was Xmas morning. O M G !!! This thing was HUGE! I had to get a string and a ruler to measure it. The length was as advertized, at 5 inches insertable. But the girth... 7 and 1/4 inches around at its widest!!! I was hoping for 6 and 1/2 as it was supposed to be, but now I have even more to look forward to. I got ready, willing, and I hoped able. The smooth taper feels great. but I can't get it in all the way. I can't wait to try again! WELL worth the money. HIGHLY recomended for LARGE toyluverz.
- WildXXX

This is truly an excellent butt plug well worth the price. I am on my second one of these someone took my first one. I love it and appearantly so did she. I have a slightly larger one but I love the acute angle Doc Johnson uses at the bottom it really gives you a nice mixture of pleasure and pain. I am pretty experienced but it still takes some working in and out until I can take it all then I pull it in and out until it becomes easy. This plug will not easily fall out because it is well designed you will generally have to pull it out thus it stays in very well. If you try to shit it out it is a challenge but when it lets go it flies out of your ass hole. This is big butt plug but it has a nice taper so it is easy to work in and you'll love it in you.
- Billybuttplug

I could not believe how great this plug felt when I pushed it past the widest part. My ass swallowed it up from there and didn't want to let go. From there the in and out feeling was indescribable. Must be an advanced anal player to enjoy this to the fullest.
- Leo

I finally got this in after about 3 tries its so big 2.25 in my ass is no longer tight. I will go back to a smaller toy 2in untill i losen up a bit. Its good toy but be careful lots of lube and take it slow. I want to stretch my ass more but i will wait and practice a bit more and stretch out my ass slowly.
- Donald

I must have gotten a defective butt plug because there is nothing to keep the flange from collapsing. There I was enjoying the sensation of the plug filling my ass. When the hip of the plug made it past the asshole the whole plug shot up my ass like a rocket, the flange just folded in half and the whole thing was in my rectum. Needless to say I was scared because I did not want have to go the the emergency room for removal or have to call a friend over for help. After serval tense minutes sitting on the toilet I was able to shit this plug out - what a relief. Make sure the flange is very rigid, stable and will not fold over on this or any other plug that you may use.
- Anonymous

OH GOD! this thing is big. 2.25 doesnt sound all that large but, wow does it stretch you out if you arent used to it. took me three tries to get it in but when i did, it was amazing! im sitting on it right now, its so comfortable to wear for an extended time. love it! get one, you wont be dissapointed.
- Anonymous

This is a perfectly designed plug!! The transition is perfect and gives that great feeling when it slides in. The rapid transition also makes this one of the most secure plugs I've ever used. It also has a firm base that prevents it from being pulled in further. I know of no better plug on the market. I only wish they made a slightly larger version...perhaps 3" in diameter. That would be a truly perfect plug. I would recommend this plug to anyone wanting to try out an intermediate sized plug.
- plugger1

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