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Anal Explorer Inflatable Vibrating Plug Beige
Product #SE0428-01

Anal Explorer Inflatable Vibrating Plug Beige

Anal Explorer Inflatable Vibrating Plug Beige Details:
Anal Explorer Butt Plug. Inflatable multiple-speed vibrating latex butt plug. expands up to 8 inches in circumference. Made using phthalate free, non-toxic materials Latex. Probe measures 3.75 inches long by 1.4 inches wide. Bulk weight: 6.9 ounces. Vibrating sex toy 2 AA batteries, not included. Category: For Women, For Men, Anal Toy, Anal Toys, Probe, Probes. Always clean before and after use.

Measurements:1.40" wide
Features:Multi-speed,phthalate Free,with Controller

a must have for anyone learning the art of anal sex. Makes actual penetration easy. warm yourself up with this and once inserted, pump it up good. Then stick it to a flat surface and pound your ass! then gradually add air, and keep pounding away, this will stretch your anus out good, so your ready for a nice thick cock!!!
- Anonymous

I connected this to a chain, shoved it up his butt and pumped it up to the max, sealed the air line off with a locking clamp and went to my job. It worked great, he was still there chained to the radiator. He was walking bow legged for about 2 days! This is great fun.
- cary

Was ok but I thought it was made a little cheap after taking it out of the box. Not worth sending back if fails under warranty. The whole thing doesn't expand like I thought it would when pumped up. It just becomed bigger like a balloon inside which is why I don't think it will last. Balloons don't last when blown up repeatedly.
- Art

I'm a male and I love the feeling of it expanding in my ass as my lover pumps the bulb. It's just as nice as the air is released and the feelings are amplified in my ass. Everyone should enjoy this product.
- Anonymous

Take an enema before you install it or it comes out with shit on it. Be sure to use KY to lube it. Push it halfway in and then pump it up the head will expand and pull the shaft in with a "pop." Can be used to extend your performance if you lady pumps it up until your eyes start to cross. The vibrator will enhance your erection. When she's had enough she can release the air and you'll ejaculate. There's nothing like "coming" then. It's like a cannon going off and you'll sleep for eight hours. Alan
- Alan de Veau

I received this product today. I tried it right away. The feeling was incredible. The vibrating part was much stronger and more adjustable than my other plug. I pumped it up and I have to say it felt great, but its hard to keep it that way. I felt really full and had to let the air out a few times, but in a little while pumped it back up again. The vibrator works just as well with the plug pumped up as it did when it wasn't inflated. Great fun and I recommend it to anyone that likes getting it this way or wants to experiment.
- Anonymous

I wouldn't use this everyday but the sensations are extraordanary. Seems to be well made and I have no complaints about design or construction.
- Anonymous

This product is great. It was supposed to be for anal use, but I found that it was fantastic in the vagina or on the clitoris. Really strong and didn't even need to pump it up. Of the three products I bought, I liked this one the best. Combined with another toy it is beyond ecstatic.
- Anonymous

This is an excellent product. I've used it at least 60 times and it shows no sign of wearing out. It will cause an extremely full feeling and pop your prostate like super ben-wa balls. THe best fudge packer out there.
- Anonymous

Just added this to my collection. I was looking for something to fill me up without resorting to plugs that were more than the 2 1/2" that I can take now. This vibration is great. It's hard when deflated so although not that big (1 1/2" around) it's not as comfortable as a nice soft butt plug. Once in though it's amazing to inflate it and have the vibratation against my prostate. Not using it every time but would really recommend it.
- Anonymous

i definitely liked it however the first time i used it, it took some adjusting. i used it right after a really hard work out assuming everything would be real loose, it wasnt. I had to jam it on after doing a few excercises i researched on the internet. It hurt alot but now since the cartilage is broken down, It fits nice and snug. thanks great product
- Anonymous

Fantastic. Bought it for anal, but slipped it into my pussy one time and pumped. Filled me to the max. I could actually see my belly exspand. Turned on the vibrator and instantly had an orgasm. I've never been so wet. WOW !!!
- kristy

this is a great toy. my husband likes to play with both my holes with this one it was well worth the price we paid for it.
- anonymous

I was very pleased with this product, even though I was worried that maybe it wouldn't last. But the price was great, and I wanted to do a little 'light expanding' of my ass, and this really worked well. It inserts so nicely...the firm inside with the 'balloon' envelope clinging around it seemed like one complete piece...but then you pump and the balloon expands wider, and you feel "full"...and yes, that is a GREAT feeling! And OMG I never had a vibrator in me...and I eased that variable control forward and couldn't believe the sensations! Next, I wanted to try some real expanding of my anal opening so I could prepare myself for larger toys...and so I put it part-way in me and pumped it...yeah, it worked. And then I even would pump it up a bit while in me and then pull it out, and that was nice too. It did the job because I was able to take toys I tried before but they just wouldn't go in...and now they did!
- Anonymous

a very good item. it kept me and my lesbo freind up all night.there were orgasms left to right. a good but messy toy.
- Anonymous

It was a little akward at first, was a little bigger than i thought it was gonna be. BUt now i can get that baby in my ass and pump her up nice and good. I maybe shouldnt have, but i pumped it like 10 times and it was friggin wild. I almost came without having to touch my dick!
- FatherD

It worked better then I ever imagined. I lubed it up so it didn't hurt when I inserted it when I jammed it in It felt bigger then it looked. I pumped it up to the max and made sure no air could get out. I also let it deflate to half way and pulled it out and worked my way up when I tried to pull ito ut at the max I came instantly.
- Anonymous

This thing worked beyond my wildest dreams. I thought it would break after a couple tries. Well I like it rough so I had my man lube it up alot then ram it into my virgin ass. I was litterly crying when he first got just the head in afterwards once I stopped sobbing I was begging him to pull it out but He refused to. He had grabbed one of the two thirty inch dildo we had boughten earlier. He pressed it to my pussy lips telling to stop yelling or he'd break my cherry to. He began to pump it up and I was still begging so he thrust the head of the dildo in causing me to bite my lip hard enough drawing blood to keep from screaming from the pain. He finally pumped it up to max while I was in tears. He handcuffed me to the bed and sealled off the air so it remained like that. He then left for his job leaving me like that when he returned I wasn't in tears by then. He unhandcuffed me and let the air come out of the butt plug and removed the dildo. I was so sore I walked funny for the next three days
- Anonymous

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